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For Real Estate Buyers:
Exclusive Buyer Agent Service

In the Philippines, I am the first and only one broker specialized in the field of Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA). This service is focused on protecting the interest of the buyer.

The workload includes (1) assistance finding a wide array of probable properties, (2) initial contact with sellers, (3) due diligence of property folder, (4) buyer-side counter-appraisal, (5) price negotiation, (6) property site inspection, (7) contract review, (8) closing a purchase, and (9) titling.

I provide advisories, due diligence, and background investigation about the integrity situation of real estate companies and service practitioners in the Philippines.

An Exclusive Buyer Agent service is ideal for first time home buyers. It is also highly recommended to be engaged in expropriation proceedings by Government and major land or business acquisition by Real Estate Investment Trust Corporations (REITS).

For Absentee Real Estate Owners:
Property Management Services

Property Management Service is my bread and butter. The usual clients are absentee property owners who immigrated abroad and left behind some properties in Metro Manila such as condominium or residential house.

The services is a package of the following: (1) property folder preparation, (2) signage installation and advertising to capture prospective lessees or tenants, (3) property presentation to each interested lessee, (4) facilitate the signing of lease contract, (5) periodic inspection and regular reporting to property owner about the condition of the property, (6) periodic collection and remittance of rent and maintenance of records, (7) coordinate major repairs and renovation, (8) contract termination and ejection, (9) renewal of lease contract or finding of new tenant, (10) proxy the owner during meetings of homeowners' association.

I charge one-month-rent for every accumulative year period of lease contract, or eight percent (8%) of the total income of a lease contract, whichever is higher

For Real Estate Sellers:
Pro Bono Due Diligence Service

Pro Bono means free service, there is no need to pay. Clients who avail of this service are mostly real estate buyers, sellers, and agents.

Due diligence is free because I will only coach. It has to be the seller or his errand who will do the legwork of dealing with government offices like Registry of Deeds, BIR, and City Hall to secure the necessary documents to complete the due diligence process.

Integrity in real estate transactions is part of my advocacy under consumer protection. It is already an accepted fact worldwide that incidence of fraud is extremely high in Philippines and this scares everyone. The buyer has to exercise due diligence before closing any deal. To loosen up the scare, the sellers also have to spend extra effort in due diligence before offering their properties to the market.

The output of due diligence is a Property Folder, which contains documents about the property and its owner, duly certified as free of any form of fraud or anomalies.

If the client wants convenience and willing to pay for the errand, I can also help in making arrangement with part-timers who provide legwork services for a fee, most of them call this "documentation service".

Many brokers use due diligence service as a bait to get a listing agreement, this makes sellers hesitate to approach a broker, especially those who are unwilling to pay broker's commission. But I am different. Being an Exclusive Buyer Agent, I don't get into listing agreement with sellers. I encourage sellers to post their property in For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Philippines.

For Real Estate Brokers:
Deadlock Negotiation

A deadlock is a stalemate of negotiation. It is normally caused by conflict of interest, conflicting information, and deviation of the negotiation procedure. My services may be hired to troubleshoot the negotiation and loosen up the deadlock. I only charge 10% of the gross broker's commission.

For Part-timers:
Service Introducer

This Service Introducer position is real estate-related but you don't need a PRC or HLURB professional registration or license for this job. The educational requirement is very flexible, however you have to be outgoing, smart-looking, and outspoken. I don't accept application. I only handpick best people I know around for this very easy yet rewarding position.

The job preparation is simple. First, you get invited. Then we meet so I can answer all your question about this position. After you get accepted during your interview, you will bring home a script and memorize a standard 2 minute talk about my services as a Real Estate Exclusive Buyer Agent. After you memorize it, we meet again so I can answer more of your questions. This position is not salesmanship, there is no need to convince the client to shell out any cash to buy any real estate or any product.

When you meet with your friends, you only need to tell them the 2 minute talk that you memorized in a casual manner and get your listeners' name, birthday, email address, and pass the information over to me. I maintain a neat database of these people that you register to me and send them birthday greetings by email and a short reminder of my services as EBA. Whenever I earn compensation from transactions with these names you register get my services, you earn gratuity for each transaction, regardless of when the transaction is completed or how frequent it is repeated.

For Politicians, Government, Cause-Oriented Groups, Concerned Individuals, and Brand Managers:
Advocacy Messages Broadcast

This is all about advocacy communication and political exhortationism. I create original short advocacy messages and broadcast them in the internet such as Facebook and Google Blogger. One high-powered message has a length of at most 420 alphaneumeric characters and spaces.

This is also ideal for Companies who wants me to broadcast my honest review of their product. Of course they have to give me a free sample of the product first.

For every P1,000, I can create and broadcast one advocacy message. So if you have P20,000 then you'll get 20 advocacy messages.

For cause-oriented groups, marami ako advocacies. Indicate mo lang kung ano gusto mo.

1. Gun Control
2. Anti-Corruption
3. Voters Education
4. Marijuana Decriminalization
5. Real Estate Professionalization
6. Bangsamoro Independence
7. Environmental Protection
8. Human Rights and Anti-War
9. Consumer Rights and Buyer Protection
10. Poverty Alleviation
11. Etc. etc.

For questions and request for services, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you. CONTACT INFORMATION

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