Rats Dwell in the Oven

The oven is a perfect temporary place of abode for rats and mice because it is warm, safely enclosed, the the aroma is just great.

The picture above is our new oven. We had oven before that we got from our auntie after they left for USA, but we had to dispose it because mice and rats resided in it. These lovely pests stored in many things underneath, safely, our effort to pull it out was futile. You can find plastics, bb-q sticks, and all sorts of stuffs aside from mice hairs in it. When you use the oven, those things get heated and the smell was very annoying. We already disposed that old hand-me-down oven and we bought a new one.

The back of the oven have many ventilation holes. One hole is near the base of the gas muzzle.

The other bigger holes are at the lower portion, some 2 inches diameter wide which are perfect gateway for rats and mice. So the solution is, before we start using the oven, we have to improvise a some sort of a metal screens to prevent the rats and mice from using those holes. The materials below.

The above material is an aluminum diamond shape screen. The holes of those screen are around half inch. We cannot close the oven holes because they serve as ventilation. So, the screen that I saw in the hardware at P280 per meter is just fine. To cut the screen, a Stanley wire cutter will work just fine.

After cutting the screen in perfect fit to the back of the oven, I just simply installed it like a plug-and-play thing. Of course I had to ensure that the sides are perfectly covered and no portion gives any chance to mice to enter. That's it. Very simple.

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