Hidden Charges Behind Net Listing

In behalf of the buyer-side, I hate Net Listing offers. Net Listing is a scenario when a real estate seller would say (or advertise) that the minimum amount he wants to get out of this sale is XXX-Amount, and that the buyer will take care of all expenses related to documentation of sale, registration of new title, and conveyance or actual possession of the property.

Bear in mind that Net Listing is a very attractive in any advertising medium because the asking price is very cheap. Potential buyer normally get attracted to low prices.

Yet, you have to be alert. Net Listing is normally associated with a lot of hidden charges. There could possibly be tax delinquency arrears, title history complication, liens, encumbrances, questionable mortgage, counter claims, and even questionable ownership. The list of complication is unimaginably wide range and huge.

To make things straightforward, I will just say that Net Listing is a potential cancer that need to be diagnosed by an expert broker.

I don't recommend buyers to deal directly with Net Listing Offers. Net Listing has to be dealth with by a high-caliber licensed broker. So, if you are a potential buyer who is searching around and you encounter this Net Listing Offer, you must get the services of an Exclusive Buyer Agent type of a licensed broker.

In a Net Listing scenario, if you deal with other types of brokers other than EBA, you will sure get ripped-off with a huge overprice and a lot of headaches.

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