Global Week Against Gun Violence 2010

Our group in facebook entitled Tighter Gun-Carry Policy (Gun Control Advocacy) at http://www.facebook.com/JORPee?ref=profile#!/group.php?gid=311790639600 endorses and supports the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, 10-16 May 2010 at http://www.facebook.com/JORPee?ref=profile#!/event.php?eid=102741556427884&ref=ts.


UN action against gun violence This year there are many opportunities for your government to take concerted action to reduce gun violence, including:

• Submitting a national report on implementing the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms (PoA) before the world’s governments meet in New York for the Biennial Meeting of States (BMS), 14-18 June.

• Signing the UN Firearms Protocol at the high-level meeting organised at the UN in New York on 18 June. If your government has already ratified the Protocol, it should be implementing it.

• Following-up the outcomes of the international conference on Armed Violence & Development in Oslo from 21-22 April. This is part of the ongoing campaign to include armed violence prevention within the review process for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

• Developing strong National Action Plans on Women, Peace & Security, as required by UN Security Council Resolution 1325. This year the resolution is 10 years old, and there will be events throughout the year to commemorate this. Governments should confirm their commitment through effective National Action Plans.

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