My Grade 4 Days with Seventh Day Adventist

Ohhh. Those days. I have happy memories in my short stay with SDA. I still remember a few of my classmates. Marlon Oponda is a child of a tomato haciendero in East Misamis Oriental. Noel Ebarle is a son of a minister, they live near the school. Patric Neri was the brightest boy in the class. Etc etc etc.

The most unforgettable experience I had was my retaliation against Ralph who squealed the contraband fighting wild spiders that I traded in the school -- I placed one of his shoe in the garbage can near that box where we keep those cleaning materials. When he was looking for it, he could not find it, he reported to our teacher Aguilar.

Mrs Aguilar asked everyone where his shoes it, I lied and never said a word. I was supposed to tell Ralph where his shoes is at the closing of the class, but to my surprise, the garbage man took the garbage can away right before my eyes, there goes Ralph shoes in the garbage truck, and I never said a word about it.

Ralph went home barefooted. He he he he.

It was in SDA that I started trying to gamble. I bought good spiders from the mountains and placed my lunch money as bet for fighting spider derby with those squatters at the back of the school. I also bet my lunch money on takyan. Most of the time I won, but I think there were two instances wherein I lost and ate only rice without ulam for lunch.

In grade five, I moved to City Central School and I met a gambling buddy there. At grade five, I already have 5 fighting roosters at home. I am the only 11 year old kid who enters the Sabungan (near the Merkado) every week with a fighting rooster and a real money bet on hand. Four of my fighting cocks won, the other one run away and lost. Grade six, I stopped gambling for reason I can't recall, and never gambled again.

If I remember it right, I was able to do 700 counts of continuous hits with takyan while my contender never reached 400. Only a kid who does not know my record would gamble a bet against me, that's why I started challenging kids outside the school. Well, my morphology allowed me to play takyan well. I have thin light leg part and my endurance was just superb then. But mind you, I also tried football later but it never worked out because I have heavy torso and my legs just can't carry my body in long runs.

Another unforgettable school activity in Grade 4 is the burning of sins. All the students were gathered and we were asked to write down our sins and other things that bother us. Then the Pastor made a prayer on a burning steel barrel where we dropped those piece of paper. As the paper burned, the Pastor said that our prayers will go up to God. I felt good after that nice activity.

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