RA 9646 Professionalization of Real Estate Services means Upgrade of Quality Standard

[ADVOCACY SERIES] - The private sector and the government must bite the bullet and share the investment cost of professionalization and upgrade of the real estate service practitioners.

QUESTION 1: Sir John, the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines (RA 9646 or RESA) now have a requirement that a real estate salesman must have finished second-year college, and the broker must be a graduate of business-related course and B.S. in Real Estate Service with Board Exam. Will this displace those who are currently in practice but cannot meet the requirement?

QUESTION 2: Many ‘old timers’ who have climbed up the corporate ladder in their respective sales organizations who now heads big sales teams but do not have a Real Estate Broker’s License may even be displaced . What makes it worse is if they do not have College degrees and thus could not even be qualified to take the exams.(Alejandro S. Manalac, Eton Properties)

ANSWER: YES, those not qualified for the license will not get a license. This is the price we have to pay to achieve the professionalization. Education, Training and Quality Control is part of the upgrade that we have to pay as a nation.

By the way, most developers require college degree to their job applicants, so I think it will be a very isolated case if they have elementary graduates sales staffs. Look, the law is very lenient, it only requires completion of 2nd year college to meet the requirement to become a registered Salesman.

If you study the history of the Philippines, you will know that sometime in the past, in line with professionalization, we have upgraded the educational attainment requirement for Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, Engineers, Architects, Seafarers, and Lawyers. In the past, a high-school graduate is already allowed to teach and an uneducated plumber can practice backyard dentistry. But when we professionalized these services, we have upgraded the educational requirement.

As a nation, in the interest of progress, we should not look at it as a problem if we upgrade the educational attainment requirement professionalizing the real estate service.

For the old timers who are not qualified to take the brokers exam due to lack of educational attainment, the solution is reassign them to non-sales position or send them to school to get a degree, for their convenience they can get into distance education. The qualification on educational level is undeniably attainable and the PRB-RES can always make a plan, program, and project to make it conveniently attainable without sacrificing quality education.

Nevertheless, the developers who are in the problematic "unqualified old timers" scenario must submit proof of existence of this problem by presenting real people affected by this.


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Anonymous said...

lgu assessors to be licensed?

are their efforts in proper valuaing worth the approval of the politicians?

seems that they will be given a tool to be sellers becaues they are always in contack with the property owners. most likely, they will extend thetime in the issuance of necessary documents for the transfer of new title if they will not included in the transaction....