RA 9646 Provides Security of Tenure to Real Estate Agents

[ADVOCACY SERIES]- RA 9646 provides security of tenure, safety-net, and protection to all agents especially the in-house salespersons of the Developers.

QUESTION: Sir John, the greatest fear of the implementation of Real Estate Service Act (RA 9646 or RESA) is that it may displace in-house salesmen employees who are colorum (unregistered). What can you say about this?

ANSWER: NO. Definitely not. RA 9646 wants EVERYONE who practice real estate service to become professional, licensed, and regulated under a common Code of Ethics and Educational Standard. RESA wants all practitioners to undergo a formal training, which absolutely allows the in-house employees of the developers to take.

Part of the quality control measures of the RESA is that there will be examination for brokers, which allows the in-house employees of the developers to take. There is no exam requirement for ordinary salespersons.

RESA also wants all salespersons to be supervised by a licensed broker on a 20:1 ratio to ensure hands-on accountability.

RESA allows the developers to hire brokers. If the developers can't afford brokers, they are allowed to require their in-house salespersons to submit pre-employment professional supervisory certificate from external brokers.

With proper education, training, qualification, and service quality certification, RESA provides security of tenure to real estate practitioners especially to agents of developers. It is very difficult for real estate companies to fire a professional that possesses all of these professional qualification.

If the developer will unfairly fire a professional salesperson, his private professional supervisor, who is an external licensed broker, could always absorb him back for deployment to other projects.

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