Looking into the PhilRES failure

According to the charter officers of PhilRES, the Philippine Institute of Real Estate Practitioners (PHILRES) was formed by Incumbent Presidents, Chairmen of the Board, representatives of Govt Assessors, Govt appraisers of various GOCCs and GFIs, and other Officers of at least 23 Real Estate Service Organizations duly existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

PhilRES claim that they are leaders of the real estate industry who met last May 6, 2010 as a Convenors Group and formed the PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE of REAL ESTATE SERVICE PROFESSIONALS preparatory to their formal application & recognition as a National Integrated Association of Real Estate Service Practitioners by the Professional Board of Real Estate Service and their formal registration and incorporation with the SEC.

PhilRES claim that they are a positive defining moment in Philippine real estate history.



ME: PhilRES is now applying to become the AIPORESP. How much is amount PhilRES planning to charge membership fee to each licensee who is forced to become an automatic member of PhilRES?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Do you believe in my statement that even as of today, the INTEGRATED Professional Organization of Real Estate Practitioners does not exist yet? [YES or NO]

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Does PhilRES claim that it is the INTEGRATED Professional Organization of Real Estate Practitioners? [YES or NO]. If YES, who are the names of those PhilRES incorporators who believe in this claim? [STAND and be recognized]

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: In terms of composition, how different is PhilRES compared to FRESA?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: How much percent of the whole population of the Real Estate Service practitioners voted for the officers of PhilRES?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Does PhilRES believe in principle that Real Estate Developers are included in the professional regulation? [YES or NO]

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Who among the PhilRES Admins (Rick Umali, Romeo Capiendo, Garcia, Julius G. Topacio, Roche Rigos, Yvette Poe, Jocelynn Coronado Sison, Pilar
Torres-Banaag, Tere Canlas, Rico Sevilla) signed the IRR Petition to include the developers in the professional regulation?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Are you aware that HLURB charges P1,010 for every complain you may lodge against each colorum project agent?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Credibility-wise, has any charter member of the PhilRES ever experienced filing a complain against colorum real estate agents?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: What is the difference between "National Integrated Association of Real Estate Service Practitioners" compared to "Integrated Professional Organization of Real Estate Service Practitioners"?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: In terms of "character", what is the barrier that prevents the INTEGRATION of the incorporators of PhilRES and FRESA? What is your comment if I say that I see a selfishly motivated squabble for accreditation at the expense of integration?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: Did you incorporated PhilRES in your capacity as individuals or in exercise of your official representation as incumbent president, chairman of the board, or sector representative of each of your organization?

ANSWER: Awaits

ME: By the way, just curious, why did you call it an "Institute"?

Rico Sevilla: Institute as in "school". It aims to teach, train and upgrade its members among others.

ME: If it will cater to its members only, why don't you register it as a Cooperative or Non-Stock Savings and Load Association so that your income generating activities will be exempted from income taxes?

ANSWER: Awaits


QUESTION: What can you say about Federation of Real Estate Service Association (FRESA)?


The reasons that doomed FRESA are quite simple.

1. It advocated a composition of an APO that is antithetically and contrary to the position of the PRB-RES and the PRC it is applying to as an APO.

2. It failed to formally incorporate itself as a juridical entity as
required by PRC rules (a violation of law).

There are different versions of why FRESA failed to incorporate itself, the most often cited reason of which is allegedly due to a "common perceived distrust of one or two personalities" in the group.

3. Its own formation was self-limiting. Fresa was designed to be automatically dis-accredited upon the accreditation by PRB-RES and approval by the PRC of an APO.

Meaning that it could not transform itself later as an APO as it would violate the terms and conditions of its own creation. So in essence, in my humble opinion, FRESA was still-born.

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