My Personal Decision to Stop Drinking Liquor

I reached a point of smoking two packs a day. In December 2000, I made a personal resolution that I will never smoke cigarette again and I haven't broken that resolution yet. Today, I am making a new resolution that I will never drink alcoholic beverage again. No more alcohol any more. I just snapped my finger. Click to switch off. Just like that.

I am a decisive person. I pull trigger quickly, no remorse at all. I come into the picture quickly and also disappear quickly. I react to anomalies like gasoline reacts to ignition. For me, there is no middle-ground and uncertainty when it comes to actions I have full control of. There is only right and wrong, black and white. When I say stop, it should stop. When I say go, it is a go. Onset and termination of vices is just a matter of decision. Your mind have full control your own body --- you can even decide to stab it to death. When your body controls your decision, you become a slave of your own self.

When I was 10 years old, I was the favorite errand of my elders in the basketball court. I run errand to buy sticks of cigarettes from a store half a kilometer away from the basketball court, and since they don't have lighters, I have to light the cigarette at the store and bring it to the buyer in a lighted condition. In short I have to smoke it at that entire duration of the distant walk.

I officially started smoking at age 15. In 1999 I was already smoking two packs a day. I stopped in cold turkey at age 27.

When I was 7 years old, one of my uncles let me taste a hard liquor to satisfy my curiosity. White Castle Whisky. I remember it tastes really bad.

I officially started drinking at age 15. I never say no when it is available. I remember I could take 11 bottles of red horse in one sitting at age 15, but at age 36 two bottles is quite enough to make myself unable to drive. I stopped in cold turkey yesterday at age 36.

It is just normal to have fun, to commit mistakes, and to abuse our body, whether at an early point or latter point of our lives. We are humans, we are designed to commit mistakes. It is also just normal to stop.

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