The grandmother of all scams

QUESTION: Sir John, how do we prevent scams in government sale or purchase of real estate?

ANSWER: The two ideal acquisition rule is that real estate developers (government or private sector) should always (1) sell its properties at the highest best price and (2) buy properties and right of ways at lowest possible fair price. There is anomaly when any of these two rules is breached by the brokers.

I have opened myself to render a service called Investigation of Real Estate Acquisition Anomaly. This service assists anti-corruption watchdogs in government and also corporate sectors in monitoring real estate selling or buying by government. I would welcome various clients but I prefer Senators, Congressmen, Party List Organizations, and media. The usual purposes of the investigation are early detection, prevention, and timely documentation of possible anomalies for the entire period of the real estate project from planning, bidding, acquisition, implementation, to post-project evaluation.

I bet it will be interesting for you to read the PEA-AMARI DEAL - The Grandmother of all Scams. This article inspired me to get into real estate deal investigation. This article is a result of in-depth investigation and the report is written by Shiela S. Coronel and Ellen Tordesillas. Read this article.

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