Grounds of Ejection of Tenant or Lessee

Batas Pambansa Bilang #25 provides six (6) grounds for judicial ejectment of lessees or tenants with monthly rentals not exceeding P300 as follows:

(1) Need of the lessor to make necessary repairs of the leased premises, provided, that after the said repair, the lessee ejected shall have the right of first refusal of the lease of the premises

(2) Expiration of the period of a written lease contract

(3) Arrears in the payment of rent for three (3) months at any one time

(4) Subleasing or assignment of lease without the written consent of the lessor

(5) Ownership by the lessee of another residential unit which he may use as his residence

(6) Need of owner to repossess his property for his own use, or for the use of any immediate member of his family as a residential unit, such owner or immediate member not being the owner of any other available residential unit

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