Accretion means land area increased naturally

QUESTION: Sir John, we left our land twenty years ago. Our house stood by the river. Last week, I visited it and it seems the land at the back of our house increased in area by around 400sqm. It no longer matches our title. Who owns that additional 400sqm?

ANSWER: What happened is called ACCRETION - an addition to land from natural causes as, for example, from gradual action of the ocean or the river waters.

You may go to the municipal hall and request for a CADASTRAL SURVEY of the extra 400sqm that was added to the boundary of your land. Then CONSOLIDATE that 400sqm to your current land and get a new title.


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since its accretion and its not yet represented in the cadastral map, i think the owner should go first to a surveying office, have the plan of the additional lot. then go to assesso's office for it to be included in the tax map and have a tax declaration. then go to denr for the approval if the said lot is alienable and disposable.


Eventually, you will have to deal with Geodetic Engineers (surveyors) authorized to conduct Cadastral Survey by the Land Management Bureau (LMB). But your most convenient first stop is the Assessors Office so you can get a vicinity map and metes and bound information. Metes and Bound refers to the description of a land parcel with its boundary
directions and distances, together with a note of adjacent property owners, their lot numbers,
and other relevant natural and man-made features. And of course you have to deal later on with DENR in compliance to their Administrative Order No. 2007- 29 titled Revised Regulations on Land Surveys. Other agencies that will be involved is the Barangay, Municipal Hall, Municipal Trial Court, etc. But first stop is Assessor's Office, because you don't know if somebody owns that land already after being gone for so long.