Colorum fiasco may have international effect

Philippine Law (R.A. 9646) says Real Estate Brokers require "PROFESSIONAL LICENSE" like doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers. But why are there SO MANY unlicensed brokers/agents openly giving out real estate project marketing fliers WITHOUT license? What other colorum professional practice does the government tolerate? How many fake nurses, doctors, engineers do we tolerate? Why care about licensure exam leaks if the people can operate openly as a fraudulent professional? How bad will this fiasco affect our competitiveness in international workforce exportation? Attn: PRC!


PRC, you have been warned many times already to PERFORM your mandate. You are not into the business of licensing only, but also in the business of law enforcement. Don't wait before this issue becomes an fiasco will affect int'l perception about the competitiveness of our labor force. You have to act faster and don't wait for PNoy to issue a new statement that heads will roll in your department.

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