Making POSSIBLE the Real Estate Agent's Dream

They said there is huge money in the business of providing real estate training because it is already required by law. I cannot be motivated about the potential money from entrance fees (training fees) in this movie titled Real Estate Opportunity Dream.

What drives me is the vision to create a post-training environment that will make the Real Estate Opportunity Dreams POSSIBLE for everyone who invest in expensive CPE and real estate training.

It is useless if people invest in CPE but only to fall-out of the profession later on because success is impossible in a scenario where the service is dominated by 95% colorums who are being exploited by some developers.

VOLUNTEERISM. There is huge money in lectures. But I choose to become a volunteer advocacy lecturer to support Values Formation among real estate practitioners. In this struggle, I am alone.

CONSUMERISM. There is huge money in agency of sellers/developers. But I choose to forego it to serve the buyers who are the most neglected sector of the transactions. In this struggle, I am alone.

RIGHTEOUSNESS. There is huge money in becoming a puppet of organized groups who exploit colorums and take advantage of the leaders of real estate associations in sabotaging the RA 9646. But I choose to stand alone behind RA 9646 to protect the professional real estate service practitioners and the whole RE industry. In this struggle, I am alone.

I cannot see those who support my struggle because they are afraid to be branded as radical; they are afraid to be ostracized by their association leaders; they are afraid to lose listings when oppose the systematic exploitation of some developers on unlicensed agents. But I know that all of the licensed practitioners are there to silently support my struggle.

Now that no less than the CREBA Chairman already declared war against RA 9646, I have no choice but to volunteer myself to lead the licensed professionals.

Actioni contrariam semper et aequalem esse reactionem. Meaning, "to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction" (NEWTON).

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