Burning, the fastest way of demolition and ejection

Please require a full disclosure from your agent. If you find out that the condominium or mall development area was used to be a squatter's area that was BURNED, please don't buy these projects.

Read more about this at http://pinoyweekly.org/new/2011/02/sunog-%E2%80%98pinakamabilis-na-paraan-ng-demolisyon%E2%80%99/.


BURNING is the fastest way of squatters area demolition, but most inhumane. Please require full disclosure from your agent before entertaining a thought of buying a condominium. Please do not patronize a mall if they burned the community before they built the mall on it. Demolition by burning is inhumane, besides, it wastes water and pollutes the air. When the BUYING STOPS, the BURNING STOPS.

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