Why the oligarchy of PhilRES cannot be AIPO

This document dated May 2010 signed by PRB-RES AIPO Formation Committee Chairman Bansan CHOA will show that PHILRES can never never never become the Accredited Professional Organization of Real Estate Service Practitioners (AIPORESP). No matter how PHILRES twist and turn their identity as a group, they can never comply to the correct standard of AIPO Formation.

The 25 May 2010 determination of Bansan Choa is a guideline that is consistent to my separate interpretation of how the formation should be done properly. The PRB-RES can never contradict itself in adjudicating the application of PHILRES. Yang kinakalat ni PHILRES na sila na daw ang AIPO ay dirty bandwagon technique para mag join sa kanilang grupo ang mga RESP na inapakan nila ang mga karapatan at mga RESP na tinakpan nila angtaenga at mata para hindi makita ang katotohanan. It will be impossible for PHILRES to unite the RESPs for the following reasons:

1. PHILRES is an Oligarchy, not a Democracy.

2. Before becoming a PHILRES, these are the people who attended the PRB-RES AIPO Formation Committee as AUPO Volunteer Convenors Group, but lost their worthiness our trust and confidence after they seated their own selves to the positions that are supposed to be elected by members.

3. PHILRES Incorporators committed an unethical conduct of Unauthorized Representation when they appointed their own selves as Transitory AIPO Officers using an "assuming" vote of confidence by the individual IPORESP charter members.


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