Brokers are not trained as supervisors

GREATEST FEAR! The greatest fear that I have is if the Developers will argue in Senate that they cannot take the risk of executing a business decision of hiring Brokers in the management and supervisory position because the supply of Brokers that we have now have no training in Salesperson Management. The mistake of the CRESR and CPE providers in the past is they trained and molded Brokers to become one-man-selling machine rather than managers of organized salespersons unit. Developers are not willing to hire Brokers because they know that Brokers have this mentality of treating salespersons as competitors rather than part of the team. BIG PROBLEM!


Please maximize the REALTERS Page in Facebook. You can advertise in the wall of REALTERS Page should you be a "Broker Looking for Salesperson Applicants" or a "Salespersons Looking for Brokers to Work With". Hayaan po natin mag flow ang symbiotic energy -- Developers must open-up to get in Brokers, and likewise Brokers must open-up to get in Salespersons. Gawin po nating VIBRANT ang real estate market. Salamat po.

It is the Broker who will control the chariot, and the salespersons will pull the chariot to its destination. The plentier the horses, the faster and more successful the Broker will be. As of now, the rule of the game is 20 maximum number of horses per chariot. So, Brokers, my advice is you have to maximize the number of your horses.


The survival kit requires three stages, (1) band together a strong IPORESP, (2) tailor-fit a CPE that enhances the value of RESPS from the perspective of the Sellers and Buyers, (3) build an online PNLS that will serve as the fastest way to sell and safest way to buy. Right now, we are stil in stage 1 and I am hoping that the RESPs feels the rush of a drowning sector that needs to grasp for air.

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