Differentiate a Listing Agreement and Agency Agreement

VERY IMPORTANT! There is a question in the IPORESP AdsPage that I want to reflect here because a lot of brokers and CPE providers don't understand how to distinguish a LISTING AGREEMENT and an AGENCY AGREEMENT. Listing Agreement (Exlusive or Open) refers to the conditions governing the entry of a listing by a Broker into the Multi Listing Service (MLS). Agency Agreement (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive) refers to the conditions governing the contract between the Agent and the Seller. Okay? Clear na? Pag may tanong, I will explain it further in the comment.

STEP 1. Get an authority from the owner/seller of the property. The title of the authority is called AGENCY AGREEMENT. Either Exclusive Agency Agreement or Non-Exclusive Agency Agreement.

STEP 2. Look for and MLS (merong clandestine operation ang PAREB, meron din ang REBAP). Bago mo ipasok yan sa MLS, dapat klaro ang condition ng Listing Agreement between you and the MLS Administrator. Kung Exclusive Listing Agreement, ibig sabihin walang ibang Broker na subscriber sa MLS na yan ang pwede dumerkta sa Seller at kumuha ng kanyang sariling Agency Agreement. Pag Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement, ibig sabihin nyan eh pwede ibang subscriber ng MLS eh pumunta sa seller and kumuha ng kanilang sariling Agency Agreement and will upload a duplicate publication of listing in the MLS.


Etong differentiation na eto, palibhasa hindi na-intindihan, kaya MAGULO. Cut and paste this learning item in your Notes. Pag masapawan na eto ng maraming posts, hindi nyo na makikita eto. Salamat.


Ang Philippine National Listing System (PNLS) na gagawin ng IPORESP ay purely EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGREEMENT (ELA). Sa PNLS, required na merong Agency Agreement bago ma-upload ang property data. Sino una mag upload, siya merong ELA Rights.


QUESTION: Sir John, ang IPORESP AdsPage ba ay magiging PNLS? ANSWER: Hindi. Ang IPORESP AdsPage ay tambakan lang ng mga benta benta na hindi pwede i-post dito sa IPORESP Group Page. Ang PNLS ay high tech yan na website na Subscriber Brokers lang ang makaka-access. PNLS is the safest place to buy and the fastest way to sell real estate.

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