IPORESP and association possible delineation of relevance

We all have to admit that we are all COMPETITORS and at the same time some of us are FRIENDS with each other. In IPORESP, we consider each one as competitors of one another and IPORESP exist to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. Dito sa IPORESP, purely business dito, ang objective dito ay advancement ng negosyo natin by instituting reforms to support business cost reduction programs, income enhancement programs, and colorum eradication programs. Yang mga personal "friendship" activities and "socials", doon yan sa mga Associations.

Noong araw, halo-halo ang negosyo and personal sa mga Associations. Kakaibiganin ka sa Association pero i-cannibalize ka naman ng mga officers. Sa bagong set-up, hiwalay na ang business ang personal. Sa Associations, puro personal and social activities dyan. Pag busines naman like the Listing System, CPE, Administration of Ethics, dito lang yan sa IPORESP. Hindi pwede mag overlap.

This is the "possible" demarcation. We talk only to those who have already submitted IIF. Integrate first. Otherwise, IPORESP gagawa lahat ng functions na yan para siguradong mag evaporate na ang mga Assoc.

# Director for Charity Programs - ASSOC
# Director for Formal Social Events - ASSOC
# Director for Teambuilding Activities - ASSOC
# Director for Holiday Events - ASSOC
# Director for Volunteer Community Services - ASSOC

# Director for Market Promotion Programs - IPORESP
# Director for Policy and Governance Consultations - IPORESP
# Director for Educational and Research Contributions - IPORESP
# Director for Investigation of Violations and Anomalies - IPORESP


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