The hidden charges subscription scam

The RA 9646 says that as a real estate service practitioner (RESP), you are an automatic member of whatever APO or AIPO the PRC will designate, and you are not barred from joining any organization, whether that other organization is an AIPO-Formation movement or not. The caveat emptor is, please restrain yourself from the temptation of signing-up in any group that does not tell your obligations and fees and dues that comes along with your membership, especially if the recruiters will require you to have your sign-up paper notarized. Never get victimized in those Hidden Charges Subscription Scam (HCSS)! There is no need to sign-up because we are all automatic members of whatever APO or AIPO the PRC will designate.

If you are cornered to sign-up in a group that operates an HCSS, then at least try to protect yourself before you sign-up. The defense against hidden charges scam is to write-in a statement: "I sign this membership form on the understanding that there is perpetually no monetary obligation involved", right inside the sign-up form before you have it notarized, and keep one copy for your file.

Remember, there is this very prominent group that is well-connected with PRC; and they already have the PRC paper to claim that thay are AIPO (although I only call them APO because they are not a 50% integration of the RESPs when they started). This group premeditated a P10,000 membership dues per year, at target of 50,000 members including salespersons, they are projecting a P500Million collections without giving any plans and projects for the members. I knew the scam because I was invited to the inner circle of the players of this HCSS, but I refused. Yes, that big, P10,000 per year plus excessively unreasonble CPE/seminar hours. They are silent about their ill intention, they will show you AIPO papers and force you to sign-up, and they will coercively corner you to sign-up without a choice. The worse is, they also know this caveat emptor that I issued and they will simply tell you that I am wrong and that they only charge P500, and that would make you bite the bait.

Look, I am not asking any centavo from you, in fact I am giving people a CHOICE to select the license-maintenance-cost-saving option. I am a pro bono consumer rights advocate and pro-bono real estate service coach. I know that requirements to maintain a license is just a COST, not an investment, and we have a CHOICE to for an AIPO that will not act like a cost parasite.

We have a CHOICE not to get victimized by a scam. I created and supported IPORESP and designed it as a CHOICE, a fall-back organization for RESPs who is not comfortable with whatever AIPO or APO the PRC designates. In fact I volunteered to be the chief convenor of IPORESP, and I have made a promise not to aspire any officer position, so I am just a plain convenor. I am out when the IPORESP becomes AIPO. I have kept my promise. There were people who invited me to become officer in the other group but I refused because I already am committed to each RESP who signed-up in IPORESP. This IPORESP is a very slow yet continuous AIPO Formation Movement. Unlike the other groups who fraudulently claimed in their APO application paper that they represent 75% of the licensed real estate practitioners, the IPORESP always tells the truth and is 100% accurate in following the correct integration process. The identities of real estate practitioners who sign-up in IPORESP are treated with confidentiality, and we are bonded together as a people power who advocate ZERO membership fee, ZERO monthly dues, ZERO annual dues from the AIPO that their sign-ups will create.

As of this writing, IPORESP sign-ups is already over 600 and growing each day. We in IPORESP follow the PRC procedure and we need to get sign-ups of 50% of the RESPs who have PRC ID Cards becore we apply for accreditation to replace whatever Interim APO Designate that we have. What we have now is an APO Designate which anomalously got their accreditation on November 2011 with only less than 30 sign-ups to start with -- they got it because of FRAUD.

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