VITAL QUESTION: Sir John, I am a old-timer Broker. I have a friend who works as employee in this huge Multi-National Corporation based in Makati. She is my contact in that company and I have made quite a number of sales by her referrals. She refers potential buyers, I make the salestalk and close the sale. Do I need to register her as Salespersons?

ANSWER: Salespersons, technically, OFFICIALLY works for Brokers. Your girlfiend is EMPLOYED in that MNC, she might run into "MOONLIGHTING" issues if she is discovered to be working for you, and she might lose her job in that MNC. You are the one who makes salestalk, so there is no need to register her as Salesperson. She is better as your Referral Agent, which does not need PRC registration.

You and your friend can join Realter Society. She can join as Referral Agent so she can use the Rltr title and feel part of the Real Estate Sector.

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