PhilRES is neither an integration of Associations, nor Individuals

Pa-ulit-ulit nilang pinapa-pili ang mga tao, nag dedebate sila kung ang integration ba ay Associations or Individuals. Meron nag-sabi na Associations dapat. Merong nagsabi na Individuals dapat. Well, kung ako ang tatanungin, dalawa din ang sagot ko pero magka-iba sa dalang nag-dedebate. Ang sagot ko, hindi association-lang, hindi rin individuals-lang, ang tama ay BOTH and REGARDLESS.

QUESTION: Is IPORESP an integration of associations? ANSWER: YES.
QUESTION: Is IPORESP an integration of individuals? ANSWER: YES.

QUESTION: Is PhilRES an integration of Associations or Individuals? ANSWER: NEITHER. PhilRES is not an integration at all. Integration must be either (A) 50% of the RESPs if individuals, or (B) integration of Associations. PhilRES is just an integration of presumptuous leaders of "some" associations. Presumptuous means they dragged their associations into a confederation (1) WITHOUT signed permission by their members, (2) WITHOUT Resolution from their Board of Directors, and (3) WITHOUT authorization from their members to represent the organization in a confederation deal. Yang mga PhilRES na yan, they came in as convenors as INDIVIDUALS, in short, those are just less than 20 individuals na mga puppet/dummy ni ONG.

Yan ang totoo.

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