Solution to Outdated Info in Listings

QUESTION: Sir John, how can we make a Multiple Listing Website wherein information about listed properties are 100% updated in a timely manner?

ANSWER: Looking at the existing models and traditional procedure, I can say that there is no way to guarantee 100% truthfulness and update of an inputted listing because truth is dependent on time. A property for sale now may be already sold after an hour, and it takes inconvenience to update the advertisement. What I am saying is, nobody spends time to advertise "this property is no longer for sale". But the buyer side is protected by his exclusive buyer agent who will do the nity-gritty of due diligence as a shopping assistance.

However, to solve such problem, I developed a procedure that will make information in the web-based multiple listing 100% updated in a timely manner. I named it PNLS in my Blogs, hanapin mo na lang kasi nagkalat ang ideas ko nyan sa iba-t-ibang blog titles. Hindi ma-develop etong PNLS na eto habang PhilRES ang APO, hindi ko sila bibigyan ng strategic support kahit mag-attempt sila mag create. When IPORESP becomes AIPO, ma-implement natin eto, keep on signing-up lang in IPORESP, 8% na ng mga RESP nag sign-up sa IPORESP.

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