Policy on Quack Agents

QUACK AGENT - this is my new word for this week. You can use this to ridicule another agent (for some reason) at your most convenience. For example, you can print a large tarpaulin that says, "WISE BUYERS AVOID QUACK AGENTS".

Always remember the rule of survival in the real estate market. Eye for and eye. Tooth for a tooth. Always follow your instinct. The code was made in the past to level the playing field. If you sense that your counterpart (individual, group, organization, association, or corporation) don't follow the code, then your actions should not be restrained by the code. You have to do what you have to do to survive. If they don't follow RESA, then don't allow your actions to be restrained by RESA.

The Developers must realize that when a broker speaks ill about a particular developer, the word spreads fast among the customers. Pag sinabi ko na etong particular na Developer ay maraming Unprofessional and Quack Brokers, matindi ang negative impact nyan.

If there is anything else important that I forgot to include in this article, or if you experienced a real estate transaction that is anomalous, scam, fraudulent scheme that you want me to document and expose for others to be warned, or if you want to donate to the war chest of real estate consumer rights advocacy, please feel free to email me at JohnPetalcorin@Gmail.Com. If you want to comment about this article, there is a provision for this purpose that you can find below.
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mike chua said...

so??., when the RESA LAw will fully implemented para mawala na ang mga quack real estate practitioner.. maraming mga not qualified sa business coming from university of recto na nagiging successful sa bisiness.. sayang naman ang mga pinapaguran ng mga legitimate real estate broker.