Real Estate Anti-Colorum Form


If there is someone who hands over to you some real estate marketing calling cards, fliers, brochures, please look at the name of the contact person indicated, written or stamped in it. If there is no PRC Lic# or HLURB Broker/Salesperson Registration #, please report it using the IPORESP Anti-Colorum Form. Those are unlicensed real estate practitioners that are hazardous to the consumers. Please share this posting to all your friends. Thank you. http://iporesp.org/anticolorumform.pdf

Upon receipt of the form, we will investigate the information in the form to find out if there is any Licensed Practitioner exploiting or protecting the said accused colorum, and if there is probable cause that the accused colorum person violates the Republic Act 9646 (Real Estate Service Act), then we will file it either in National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) or Philippine National Police (PNP) whichever is convenient to us. NBI or PNP is most appropriate because the violation is a crime punishable by 2-4 years imprisonment AND fine of 200,000 Pesos.


QUESTION: Sir John, bakit hindi po sa PRC i-submit ang report against colorum?

ANSWER: There are many reasons, (1) the issue of "mistrust" is one thing, (2) another is that PRC has no Police or Law Enforcement power, (3) unreliability and the factor of endless excuses is also an issue. Violation of RA 9646 is a criminal offense, punishable by imprisonment and fine. Therefore, complaints are best filed by the licensed ones, and request for investigation and apprehension are best lodged in the PNP or NBI. Complaints lodged in the Barangay can also help if we are to be light-handed against the colorums.

Emmanuel H. Bocaling: Yes. Since colorums have no PRC licences, they are technically not under the PRC nor the PRBRES. Any colorum out there is practicing in violation of RA 9646 and therefore appropriate charges have to be filed in court - in the local trial court.

Petalcorin: I would love to interview colorums who will pop out the names of the licensed ones who engage them. Developers handling colorum agents could also lose their HLURB Permits. This is what I love to see.


QUESTION: Sir John, does "colorum" includes lease agents? How about property Managers, are they required to have PRC license?

ANSWER: Yes, Leasing Agents without PRC license are included in the colorums. There are two functions of Property Managers, one is just a plain caretaker of the property and the other is acting as leasing agents. Only the Property Managers who act as leasing agents are required to have a PRC License (Broker), they are technically ILLEGAL colorums if they operate without PRC license.

Basta just mere suspicion, you report it. We will take care of the face-to-face interview with the accused in my office and further investigation to find out how they operate. Kapag nag violate sila ng RESA, we will file charges in the PNP.

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