Business as requirement for renewal of license

ANSWER: YES. The PRB-RES can do that if it really intends to (J) Promulgate, administer and enforce rules and regulations necessary in carrying out the provisions of this Act (RA. 9646). SEC. 33 says, "Display of License in the Place of Business. Every registered and licensed real estate service practitioner SHALL ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN A PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS and such other branch offices as may be necessary, and shall conspicuously display therein the original and/or certified true copies of his/her certificate of registration as well as the certificates of registration of all the real estate service practitioners employed in such office." In line with this, the PRB-RES can include the following document that will prove existence of Principal Place of Business: (1) Business Name Registration, (2) Official Receipt, (3) or Business Associate Certificate.

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