How simple it is to join IPORESP

Soon, you will all be surprised to discover how simple it is to integrate and accredit the IPORESP. God works in mysterious ways, He sometimes cloud the sight of the unworthy ones and simply show how simple things are to his chosen ones. He holds the right timing too, and I like how Islam they use the exact word for it "Inshallah".

We will all be integrated in IPORESP, whether we like it or not, because that is what the law says. As we move the IPORESP to its formation, we have given sufficient time to ask everyone to sign-up FOR FREE to be considered "Active" in the AIPO formation. In IPORESP, we have opened up all officer position for everyone to just simply jump right in to get what he/she wants.

Not signing up in IPORESP is a conscious choice for some, and I believe they know the consequences. The only thing we can say to those who will not sign up is that you should not regret in the future if you consciously failed to pick up the gold that you were told to pick up now. We will ALL be in the ship; and in the ship, some keeps gold in their pocket and some don'

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