IPORESP will prove its dominance in terms of numbers

I have sent a letter to PRC to request for the Master List of PRC-Registered Real Estate Service Professionals. The legal basis of the request is Section 22 of R.A. 9646. When I get the list, I will provide copies (upon request) to PhilRES, all other prospective APOs, associations, and any other interested individuals who wants to get a copy, on a condition that the recipient signs a commitment to help in the Integration process of AIPO.

For the APOs and Prospective APOs, you will need the Master List so you can try to expand your membership by recruiting the loose individuals. That is how we will ALL WORK TOGETHER to help in the Integration process. You also need the Master List to ensure that the members you will submit to SEC are all verified to be in the Master List.

Then one time, we will sit down and I will show you the members of IPORESP who are listed in the Master List to prove my claim that IPORESP is the dominant group now in terms of number of members.

Walang ibang sisihin sa slow formation ang AIPO kundi ang PRC. Corruption ang dahilan. Etong Master List na eto, ni-request ko na eto sa PRC last August 10, 2011 with a formal letter na pina-deliver ko kay IPORESP Board of Trustee Tito Perez, pero hindi nag comply ang PRC (probably because of RED TAPE, or ignorante lang talaga ang PRC sa Sec 22 ng RESA, or tumanggap na ng PERA yang PRC galing sa mga operators ng colorum para harangan ang genuine AIPO Formation). After over a year, etong nakaraang 8 November 2012, nag-request nanaman ako ulit in a formal letter to get the Master List. Sana naman, gawin ng PRC ang duties and responsibilities niya.

By the way, walang kinalaman yang By-Laws ng PhilRES sa inability to form the AIPO. Yang nag-sabi na By-Laws ang problema, try nyo tanungin kung anongpart sa By-Laws ang problema, wala yan masagot. The truth is, AIPO can never be formed until IPORESP, who holds the dominance in membership, becomes APO. We also encourage all other associations to apply to become APO. Pag APO na tayo lahat, we will sit down and form the AIPO.

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