My basic advise to salespersons

Developers make money from profit over the production cost. Brokers make money from Professional Fees. Developers must not compete with Brokers in selling. In the same principle, Brokers must not compete with Salespersons in selling. Sales is an exclusive function of the Salespersons. The moment they cross each other's line, it's gonna be very chaotic.

My advice to the Salespersons is simple. Advertise only your own selves as a Salesperson who is willing to serve any buyer. Never advertise your Developer, Never advertise your Projects, never advertise your Broker, because if you do, the customer would always want to buy it at source for a possibly cheaper price. It is a natural buyer behavior and human instinct to by-pass any low-level retailer or agent, and buy anything directly from the factory or the wholesaler, where price and discount is possible. Buyers behave this way in garments industry where factory discounts is only a matter of few hundreds, and there is no reason why buyers don't behave this way in real estate where discounts are in hundreds of thousands of pesos.

If you are a Salesperson and your customer is looking for something that is not in the listing of your Broker, then ask your Broker if he/she can get accreditation, give him/her a 48 hour deadline (reminder, don't give the name of the buyer to your Broker yet until he gets accreditation). If your Broker fails to get the accreditation, then he has no interest anymore in that leads information, that sales leads is already a WASTE LEADS (this is a new terminology that I invented today) as a result of your Broker's negligence (or disinterest) to expand his accreditation, and there is no problem if you sell that sales leads information to any other accredited Broker at an easy money of at least P5,000. You can sell Waste Leads to other brokers, there is no problem with that, you are not working for other Brokers if you will not sign-up with them, your loyalty to your Broker will not be questioned. Be wise, yet prudent. Just in case you will have a Waste Leads, you must keep a contact list of your favorite accredited Brokers in all Development Project. The market is fierce, seize every income opportunity, and I believe you can make it.


Nikko Mahor: sa calling card pwede wala yung name ng broker at kahit siguro name ng realty company puro lang sa salesperson yung info..... pero di po ba sa ads dapat nakalagay yung broker pati REBL no. kung saan naka-accredit si salesperson? tanda ko nasa RESA din yun... paano yun sir?

ANSWER: Salespersons Calling Card and ADS? Walang name ng Broker REBL# ilalagay dyan. Name ng Salesperson lang ang PRC Registration Number. Sa ADs, Salesperson Name and Salesperson Number lang ang ilalagay.

Ang documents na kailangan REBL# nakalagay any Deed of Sale, Contract to Sell, Authority to Sell, Agency Agreement. Of course mga websites, Ads, and Calling Card ng Broker ang ilalagay niya ang sariling REBL#.

Ang Salesperson Number naman kasi ay REBL#+PRC#. Halimbawa, Salesperson ko ay RESRN: 0010105-26354787. Ang 0010105 dyan ay REBL# ko yan, and yang 26354787 ay Official Receipt# yan ng Salesperson Registration sa PRC.

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