RE: A Group Buying Site Files Libel Against Blogger

I have read this article titled, "A Group Buying Sites Files Libel Against Blogger". The libel suit was filed after the blogger wrote "Please DO NOT deal with Bargain Deals Travel and Tours… if you see a deal in Fantastic deals that involves them, DO NOT PURCHASE. I think we might have been SCAMMED!". The issue is a complaint against a complainant. Consumer Advocates like me know. There is no prohibition on consumers talking about quality of any product or reliability of any service. No prohibition on Caveat Emptor publications. The blogger can ignore the libel suit. Myself will tell my personal opinion to the public, "Patronize Bargain Deals Travel and Tours, but CAVEAT EMPTOR, just in case you get bad service, this company is notorious in filing a law suit against consumers who complain".


Noemi Dado said...

btw the blogger never wrote that comment. it was one of the commenters


Commenters are also bloggers.

Sapna Seo said...
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