Which is better, leader or boss?

QUESTION: Rltr. John, which is better, a BOSS or a LEADER?

ANSWER: Neither. The better one is the one who knows WHEN to be a BOSS and WHEN to be a LEADER. If you are at the helm and the intensity of the activity is mild to moderate, then be a leader. If you are at the helm and the activity is critical, a matter of life and death situation, a matter of survival, a chain-of-command exists, then be a BOSS. Now, how do you apply that in your own business organization, or at home?

In business, as a Broker, you supervise Salespersons. When you are going out for a group vacation or year-end party, then be a leader. But when it comes to following business process procedures, you are the boss.

In family, as head of the family, you supervise your kids. When it comes to choosing a university degree for your kids who are about to finish high-school, be a leader. But when there is fire in the house in the middle of the night, you are the boss.

As a leader, you must establish RESPECT, not only during times when you are leader, but most importantly during moments when you are boss.

Now it's my turn to ask you, how do you want your Computer Operating System to treat you, a Boss or a Leader?

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