The most opportunistic colorum agents

... are the GOVERNMENT employees who work in the Assessors' Offices of the LGU and employees of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

The biggest anomaly I have ever heard is the BIR employee and the Assessor's Office Employee connived together to convince the Buyer and Seller to push the licensed Broker out of the deal so they can assign a dummy agent and get the commission for themselves. Kawawa si Broker and he/she is not aware of what happened behind the scenes.

Broker ka, done deal na ang pangarap mong jackpot, ilapit mo na for clearance sa Assessor's Office and BIR, hahahaha patay ka kung malaking transaction yan -- bigla na lang yan mag rescind ang buyer and seller.

Meron pa, Assessors Office, porke merong access kung saan etong mga squatter occupied lands that are not paying real property tax, binibisita nila yan and they do KOTONG COLLECTIONS.

The reason why government will never issue a Memorandum Circular to Law Enforcement Agencies against unlicensed real estate broker practice is because they themselves, government employees, are practicing as unlicensed real estate agents. The colorums government are the most cruel among all -- they would even do MURDER just to steal the commission.

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