Foreign Reciprocity?

QUESTION: Hi Sir Rltr John, Question: I knew someone who is a broker in the united States, specifically Atlanta, Georgia. She is an American. In terms of Reciprocity, how can she practice here in the Philippines? She is also interested in my listings.

ANSWER: If you ask me about what the law says, she can't practice here.
If you ask me about what reality says, she can practice and make money here in Philippines (steal the entrepreneurial rights of the local Filipino Brokers and Salespersons) here because the government is not implementing the law enforcement aspect of the law. Even if she will put up a real estate sales business in front of PRC office, the government won't care. It is because the PRC Commissioner, and the people sitting in PRC-RES now are not doing their job, specifically:

RESA Sec 5, (H) Safeguard and protect legitimate and licensed real estate service practitioners and, in coordination with the accredited and integrated professional organization of real estate practitioners [AIPORESP], monitor all forms of advertisements, announcements, signboards, billboards, pamphlets, brochures and others of similar nature concerning real estate and, where necessary, exercise its judicial and police powers to finally and completely eradicate the pernicious practices of unauthorized or unlicensed individuals;

Did we prompted PRC about this issue? Yes we did. We sent formal letter not just once but followed it up many times. The PRC ignored it. That is why we are on Licensing Strike -- no one will renew license.

QUESTION: omg. the reason I ask because this so called reciprocity, where I could practice there also

ANSWER: You practice there, you go to jail. U.S. is a civilized society, they implement laws there. Philippines is not a civilized nation.

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