Ten Best Tagalog Lines for Foreigners Visiting the Philippines

I read a blog entitled Ten Things You Need to Know Before Coming to Philippines. It missed the need to learn a few basic local language Filipino. At least attempt to understand and speak some five most useful lines. A foreigner can easily get the "smile" of a Filipino if he knows to at least say the following:

1. Magandang Araw - Greetings. this is a beautiful day

2. Ako si _____ - I am ____ (ako si George)

3. Salamat Po - Thank you

3. Paalam Po - Good bye

4. Ayoko Po - Please, I don't like it

5. Gusto ko Po - I like it

6. Masaya Po Ako - I am happy

7. Saan Maka-bili Nang _____ - Where can I buy ______ (saan maka-bili nang Coca Cola?)

8. Sandali Lang Po - Please Excuse me

9. Mahal ko Pilipinas - I love the Philippines

10. Masarap - Delicious (refer to food)

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