A buyer who can't find a property for sale

QUESTION: Sir John, there is a nice residential subdivision that me and my wife wants to buy a lot. When we drove around the place, the guard said there is no vacant lot for sale. I also checked the internet and found no listing in that subdivision. How can you help us?

ANSWER: Assisting a buyer is a job of a Broker who is specialized in Exclusive Buyer Agent service.

I would suggest you get the services of a Broker. You can bring the Broker to that place and point your finger to the vacant lots that you want to buy. The Broker will assist you in researching the title and history of the lot, and in sending out Interest to Buy letters to the owners of the vacant lots that you want to buy.

It is okay to send Interest to Buy letters even if they are not selling it. If there is an owner who will respond, then you might be able to buy a lot there. But to make everything convenient and cheaper at your end, you can just have the Broker do the whole workload.

If you want a PRO BONO Real Estate Service Coach, just contact me and I will teach you how Brokers and Agents do it. You will just do a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and you will be fine, plus you save the hundreds of thousands of commission you pay to the Broker.

THE DIY OPTION. Finding out the owner of a real estate property is very easy. Just sketch the location of the property on the map and take note of the complete address. Go to the Assessor's office of the City Hall and ask for help on how to get information on the contact name and address of the owner of the house -- they can pull out the record easily for a very minimal fee. Once you have a copy of the record from the Assessor's Office, you can already bring it to the Registry of Deeds to verify the title. In your transaction with the Assessor's Office and Registry of Deeds, always tell the truth that you are an interested buyer, and I promise you you will be perfectly fine and they will always release the record to you. If you don't want to be hassled in falling in line during transactions with government offices, then have this research done by your MAID in a day or two. Trust me, it's so simple, your maid will not have any problem with it.

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