When Government Fails to Work

[My Original Words of Wisdom Series] As long as I see vagrants sleeping under the bridge, the youth sniffing rugby at the roadside, mentally insane persons walking naked or and extremely dirty in public places, and beggars outside my car's windshield, THE GOVERNMENT FAILS TO WORK.

As long as the cemented roads pulverize faster than a cemented bridge, THERE IS CORRUPTION IN INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT.

As long as it is rationally and mutually more beneficial for the apprehended driver to bribe the traffic enforcer compared to paying the fine/penalty with proper receipt, THE TRAFFIC LAW ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM IS STILL INUTILE.

As long as I see pirated DVDs and Artists Records being sold openly in public places, THERE IS NO WAY OUR YOUTH WILL WANT TO INVENT AND BECOME CREATIVE.

Mas totoong sabihin na ang Pilipino ang sumisira sa kapwa Pilipino, kesa sa sabihin na ang Pilipino lang ang makakatulong sa kapwa Pilipino. OUR SENSE OF NATIONALISM IS AT THE STATE OF EMERGENCY.

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