When is the right time to sell?

QUESTION: Sir John, when is the right time to sell our idle land? What is your advice?

ANSWER: It takes time to sell a real estate. Even if you are half-decided to sell it, you can already offer it for sale just to get potential buyers. When you need the money and the buyer is already on stand-by, you can sell it without waiting so much time finding a buyer. Advice: Sell it through a licensed Broker.

Offering the property for sale does not mean that you are already obliged to sell it. Don't get too excited, offering it now will not automatically make it sold within the next six months. In fact, most of the time, it takes years before a property gets sold. The decision formula is, if you want your property converted into cash within the next three years, then start finding a licensed broker NOW so that it will be listed in the multiple listing network of the brokers.

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