CPE Anomaly

QUESTION: Sir John, I miss your exposition of anomalies. Can you give us another one.

ANSWER: Yes, as you wish, about Continuing Professional Education (CPE). In relation to compliance with the requirements for licensing without exam, the PRC should NOT favorably adjudicate applications with CPE Certificates dated after 30 July 2009 (effectivity of RA 966) until the PRC promulgates CPEs in accordance with the CPE Council (sec 36, RA 9646).

As of today, there is no Accredited and Intergrated Professional Organization (AIPO) yet, so there is no CPE Council yet.

If the PRC approved applications with invalid CPE dates, it is an act of Incompetence that may result to Removal from Office as PRB-RES (sec 9, RA 9646).

Furthermore, all those Organizations, Associations, or DTI-Accredited CEP Providers who have conducted CPE or have issued CPE Certificates after 30 July 2009 (up to the time the PRC accredits CPE) are in violation of the RA 9646 -- their licenses may be jeopardized if they are licensed professionals.

QUESTION: Sir John, in your case, what are the papers you submitted?

ANSWER: Below are my papers, submitted to PRC 26 Oct 2010 in compliance to the application for license without Exam.

1. DTI Broker License Certificate, active from 26 May 2008 until 31 Dec 2010.
2. CPE Certificate dated 19 July 2009 - 20 Credit Hours...
3. Travellers Insurance Surety Bond in favor of PRC and HLURB, 21 Oct 2010
4. NBI Clearance, 13 Oct 2010
5. Identification: current Philippine Passport
6. Notice of Passing the Exam of 30 Nov 1997

PS: when I they received my application in PRC, the PRC staff verified my paperwork properly. In fact during the verification I saw the staff pulled out my very old DTI file from the index card box. My photo in the index card was 12 years younger -- amazingly baby face pa ako hehehe.

The funny thing is, applicants with anomalous CPE Certificates were approved ahead of me - they are now in the list of those who will attend the oathtaking on 29 November 2010.

I was surprised when I submitted my paperwork, the PRC got my ORIGINAL CPE CERTIFICATE despite presenting a Certifid/Notarized Photocopy. They are not supposed to get it because that is my personal property, I paid for it during the seminar and I will frame it and hang it on my wall. They are getting everyone's original certificate probably with the intention of destroy the evidence later on. The issue is either a lapse in due diligence or a conspiracy.

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