Multiple Listing Service

QUESTION: Sir John, what is your plan to ensure steady and sure income by salespersons and brokers.

ANSWER: The key is Professional Services (bread and butter) and Exclusivity of Listing, which will be part of the Natl MLS policy. Each salesperson will have a minimum of P30M exclusive listing, and each broker should have at least 10 Salesperson to manage. As of now, I can see that there is more than enough listing for everyone.

QUESTION: Sir John, what source of listing will the Online National Multiple Listing (MLS) of AIPO-RESP will accommodate? How powerful is the MLS?

ANSWER: The National MLS will absorb listings from developers, banks, home guarantee corp, Pag-Ibig, local govts auctions, and individual sellers. It is powerful because Buyers will come to Brokers who have access to the wide array of choices in the MLS.

QUESTION: Who will have access to the MLS?

ANSWER: Only Real Estate Brokers will have viewing and encoding access to the MLS.

QUESTION: How much will the seller pay for each property to be listed in the MLS?

ANSWER: The seller pays P1,000 for each property to be entered in the MLS, which is already part of the P3,000 standard fee for Property Folder Preparation.

QUESTION: What is a Property Folder, and what is the principle behind it?

ANSWER: To protect the consumers, we don't want any properties to be offered for sale like canned-goods without proper content labels. No property will be offered for sale to the public without a Property Folder. A Property Folder is the Full Disclosure Folder, it contains all information and documents of the property. A Property Folder can only be prepared and certified by a Real Estate Broker.

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