Brokers CPE and Salespersons Trainings

Tingnan mo ang IRR ng RESA, dahil sa gapang ng PHILRES eh naging 120 hours ang required training ng Salespersons. Grabe! Unjust Restriction na, pangwarta pa! Pinipigilan talaga nila na mag-register ang mga salespersons under the brokers, kaya ako nagagalit.

Matagal na yan sila naka-upo, dapat marami na yan natapos ang PRB-RES kung may intention yan sila na i-implement ang RA 9646. Pansin ko naman na tutularin nila ang DTI-Regime na hindi inimplement ang MO 39. That's why I am saying repeatedly that they have to resign pag hindi nila kaya i-implement ang RA 9646.

QUESTION: Sir John, I heard 7500 daw ang fee right now ng CPE for salesperson? hindi ba masyadong malakii yun? Paano yung mga new na gusto pa lang matoto sa real estate? yung tipong gusto lang magtry ng luck nila? We can't convince anyone to become a salesperson kung ganyan ka mahal.

ANSWER: Ang salespersons hindi CPE ang tawag sa training nila. It is just called Salespersons Training and it is only the Broker who has the most appropriate right and responsibility to train his own salespersons because they are under his control and accountability.

A Salesperson's registration in PRC extinguishes when his contract with his Broker terminates. So when a Salesperson transfer to another Broker, the new Broker has to train the salesperson again. It is the Broker who will endorse the Salesperson for Registration to PRC and his endorsement letter must contain a clause that he is certifying that the Salesperson is already trained by him and ready for operation.

The only part of the training that can probably be contracted out by the Broker to the Training Centers would be Code of Ethics and Responsibilities (wala pa tayo nito) and RA 9646. All the other component of the training of a Salesperson is a responsibility of the Broker.

Training modules for Salespersons vary from one Broker to another, depending on the specialization of the Broker. For example, all Salespersons in my supervision will undergo Exclusive Buyer Agent Training, which is not offered anywhere else. In the other Broker, they might be specialized in Marketing DMCI Projects, so their Salesperson Training should be specialized too and can only be done by them.

I am also not so comfortable in setting a specific number of hours of required training for Salespersons, although I am recommending 16 hours based on what I need to be confident that my EBA Salespersons will be ready for the job. This uncomfort emanates from the fact that each Broker have different specializations, strategies, and area of operation that makes it difficult t o impose s standard on everyone.

Yang pag set nila ng 120 hours Salespersons Training ay insertion po yan sa IRR na ang pangunahing motibo at PANGWARTA lang talaga by some groups who are gearing their companies to become Training Centers na nagbabalak maging Review Center Empire. Wala pa po AIPO, so wala pa po CPE Council kaya hindi pa po pwede magkaroon ng IRR on CPE or Salesperson's TrainingImagine, you were saying P7,500 kada isang Salesperson, so pag meron ako 20 I need to raise P150,000 para ma-train ang agents ko. Ehhh okay sana kung yung training ba nila ay customized sa special needs ng Broker operation ko? Ehhh kung generic lang ang ibibigay nilang training, ako na lang gagamit nga lang ako ng Video Training Module.

QUESTION: Sir John, can I train my own sales person without going to these organizations? As a broker, don't we have the right to train our salespeople by ourselves, since we shall be giving them our license? Why do I have to endorse them to these org who are asking too much?

ANSWER: Regarding your question if you can train your salesperson without passing through the organization or training centers, the answer to that MUST be YES. It will be the CPE Council, by which the IPORESP is a member of it per RA 9646, that will have to present that to be included in the implementing rules and regulations of the RA 9646.

If you look at the IRR of RESA, it only provides IRR to 5% of the law. And these 5% are all unecessary and malicious insertions that seems to appear to be a result of an inappropriate lobby by some selfishly-interested groups.

All these failures we are facing now is a result of a PRB-RES that is not instituted by the Democracy of the IPORESP. It's such a waste of time in implementing the RA 9646. Kaya pag sumasakit na ulo ko, sinasara ko na agad ang topic with a note that PRB-RES must resign para maka-porma na ang Democratic formation ng IPORESP, otherwise mananatili yang ganyan na lalapitan ng mga lobbyists yang nagpapaligaw na PRB-RES.

Sa Brokerage Company ko, my operation is unique, and aware din ako na unique din ang operation ng ibang Brokers. Pag Salesperson ka na galing ka sa ibang Broker at lumipat sa akin, hindi mo kailangan ipagmayabang sa akin yang 120 hours of training na galing sa REBAP or PAREB, hindi ko yan i-consider as the requirement for you to be registered kasi hindi yan ang training na kailangan mo para magawa mo trabaho mo under my supervision, lalo na na ang mga training ng mga grupo na yan ay questionable ang integrity dahil makakakuha ka ng certificate kahit "proxy" lang pinadala mo sa classroom. You have to undergo a new training in my Company before I endorse you for accreditation to PRC.


QUESTION: Sir John, what should be the acceptable date of the last CPE that can be used as a valid for the purpose of registration without exam?

ANSWER: The last CPE date should be 30 July 2009 which is the implementation date of the RA 9646. If you can read Sec 36 of the RA 9646, there can never be a CPE without a CPE Council that is composed partly of representatives from the AIPORESP. There is no AIPORESP yet, so there should be no CPE Council yet, and there should be no CPE yet.

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