Doomsday Prediction in Real Estate Service

DOOMSDAY PREDICTION -- sa near future, isa sa dalawang system lang ang posible na mag rule sa real estate market. Either FSBOS or PNMLS. Pag hindi mag-unite ang brokers/agents, FSBOS will become powerful and the profession of brokers/agents will continue to be exploited until it become extinct.


FSBOS - For Sale By Owner System.
PNLS - Philippine National Multiple Listing System.

Describing the characteristics of the FSBOS and PNMLS is a very long and super advance topic in Real Estate Service.

FSBO are properties being sold directly by their owners. FSBO prices are cheaper because the agent's commission/overprice is not factored in the asking price.

In a blink of an eye, somebody will create this animal and float it in the internet as an open source database. This FSBOS will put the brokers/agents into extinction.

PNMLS is a an online database which includes properties sold by individual owners, developers, banks, and local governments, that can only be accessed by real estate brokers who subscribe monthly dues to its services. I described this at clearly in my blog titled Philippine National Listing Initiative.


Na feel ko na ang following signs of the times ng patuloy na pag-lakas ng FSBOS:

1. Internet replaces agents in linking buyers and sellers,

2. The brokers and salespersons are divided, there is mistrust in-between,

3. The institutional structures of real estate service are easily infiltrated by anomalies,

4. The population of brokers/agents continue to grow,

5. The profession have no daily bread and butter service,

6. The professional success rate is almost impossible,

7. Professional fallout is growing due to bancruptcy,

8. Cormorant Fishing Anomaly is becoming the rule of the market,

9. Agent turn-over is so fast in the big marketing firms,

10. Economy is bad, buyers and sellers wants to eliminate the expense of paying commission,

11. Professionalization of agents eliminate tax evasion, buyers and sellers don't like it.

Nevertheless, I still have hope that doomsday will be prevented though the formation of a democratic IPORESP. I believe that as long as I continue to fight with a pure heart on the side of the brokers/agents (IPORESP), the PNMLS will be born and it will be able to catch up to level the playing field of the market.

Having felt these, I already prepared myself with a safetynet by studying the specialized field of Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA), because only an EBA can survive an FSBOS scenario.


I dedicate this blog to my friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

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