AIPO Formation: Democracy vs Oligarchy

My position is clear. Integration first before PRC accreditation. Here is the correct step-by-step process of IPORESP Formation. (1) ALL registered RESPs under PRC are automatic Charter Members of IPORESP. (2) IPORESP Trustees and officers must be elected through a National Convention by ALL Charter Members. (3) IPORESP can only be presented to PRC AFTER the election of trustees and officers. (4) PRC is mandated by law to Accredit IPORESP and make it AIPORESP. (5) Register AIPORESP with SEC along with a PRC Accreditation Certificate.

So that ALL will know the history we are making now. Here is the PHILRES Formation Sequence: (1) A few Real Estate Practitioners organized a small group called PHILRES. The Charter members are few. (2) PHILRES Trustees and Officers are the PHILRES organizers themselves who put their own selves into power (self-proclaimed) without a national convention of the few RESPs they call Charter Members. (3) PHILRES registered themselves with PRC as an “assuming AIPO”. (4) PHILRES lobbied in PRB-RES to be the AIPO that will be endorsed by PRB-RES to PRC. (5) PHILRES will use PRB-RES endorsement to compel all RESPs to join PHILRES.

Yang ginawa ng PHILRES, mali yan. Klarong klaro na mali yan. Walang democrasya dyan sa PHILRES. Obvious manipulation yan. Hindi yan magiging tama porque tinotolerate ng PRB-RES. Take note, PHILRES have a right to respond and debate with me on this post. The comment in IPORESP Facebook Group is OPEN.

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