The PHILRES Anomaly

While the democracy of IPORESP guarantees good programs and lesser/rationalized expenses for each members, the oligarchy of PHILRES has never been transparent. PHILRES can comment below if my figures are wrong.

If you at the chart, you will see the reason why PHILRES members are mostly leaders of Associations and CPE Providers. PANGWARTA ang motibo!

Imagine ang luningning ng mga mata ng PHILRES, P10,000 AIPO membership fee times 34,000 members, thats P340,000,000 in their hand before the so-called Election (kuno).

Associations get P2,000 times 34,000, that's P64,000,000.

Salespersons Training Providers (such as PHILRES) get P150,000 for 20 brokers times 20,000 brokers, that's P3 Billion!

This is the reason these guys are willing to sacrifice their sense of righteousness and sympathy to the RESPs. Look at their age, gusto na nila mag-retire na MAYAMAN at our expense.


Tingnan nyo mabuti yang mga prime movers ng PHILRES, may isa dyan Presidente ng CREBA dyan. Alam naman natin lahat na gusto ng CREBA na hindi kasali ang Developers sa RA 9646 kaya nga nag file ang CREBA ng petition sa Supreme Court after hindi sila umubra sa PRC nung pumutok ang article natin na Treachery of PRB-RES on RA 9646 IRR. Ang office ng REBAP nasa HQ ng CREBA. Grabe! Wolves in sheep's clothing!

Welcome yang mga 25 members ng PHILRES na mag participate sa democratic process ng kalahatang RESPs na automatic member ng IPORESP. Pero walang karapatan ang PHILRES na gamitin ang numbers ny IPORESP kasi yang PHILRES ay "sila-sila" lang yan. Hindi din yan umbrella federation ang PHILRES kasi yang mge core leaders nila ay sumali in their individual capacity, hindi yan sila sumali sa PHILRES as instructed by a Resolution signed by their members. We can't allow these 25 RESPs na nag-buo ng PHILRES to dominate the entire RESPs.

Tatlong approach ang gagawin ng CREBA para ma control nila ang RESPs. First, they created Interim AIPO FRESA and installed their people in PRB-RES. Second, they filed in Supreme Court a petition to exempt the developers from the clout of RA 9646. Third, they will create PHILRES and have their puppet PRB-RES recommend PHILRES as AIPO. Kaya yang PHILRES ay wala yang Program Platform for the benefit of the RESPs such as on eradication of colorums being possessed by the Developers. Let's be watchful.


The message of Mr Sevilla (below) is absolutely unacceptable. Mr. Sevilla and the rest of his crew empowered themselves selfishly to become Trustees and Officers of an organization that they are pushing to become AIPO. Those association leaders who followed Mr Sevilla followed him in their individual discretion, and definitely not out of a Resolution from their respective Association. The oligarchy of Mr. Sevilla have disenfranchised the individual rights of the AIPO Charter Member to select their own leaders.

Mr. Sevilla, don't fool me with your "Caretaker Capacity as Trustee and Officers of PHILRES". There is no integrity in that manipulative self-centered power grab. I recommend you VOLUNTEER as part of the Organizer of AIPO and as such, have DELICADEZA to inhibit yourself from running for the Trustee or Officer Position. Don't be selfish, okay? Don't forget, PHILRES should have no monopoly over the composition of the VOLUNTEER GROUP.

I challenge Mr. Sevilla and his crew that he claim to be "widely acceptable" to run as a Party in the National Convention to show their Platform and PROVE the support of the AIPO Charter Members on them.

You have a long speech Mr. Sevilla, but poisonous to democraticy of the AIPO members. Your PHILRES lobby is delaying the National Convention of the RESP, I hope you will have compassion on the hungry brokers who operate on the streets. I repeat the correct implementation of RA 9646, DEMOCRATIC INTEGRATION FIRST BEFORE ACCREDITATION.

Atsaka, feeling ni Mr. Sevilla he is representing the interest of the so called 34,185 RESPs Nationwide. Napaka "assuming". Ipaliwanag mo muna kung ano ang participation mo na naging 120 hours yang Salesperson Training sa IRR -- HINDI YAN INTEREST NG MGA RESPs, selfish interest pangwarta motibo yan ng PHILRES!!

Ang deal ni Sevilla with those association na sumali sa kanya ay ganito: pag PHILRES ang maging AIPO, maging requirement ng PHILRES na dapat member ng Association ang isang RESP bago siya maging member ng PHILRES. Masaya yang mga followers niya kasi PWERSADO na ang mga RESP maging member sa Associations. Masaya din ang mga Review Centers kasi 120 hours ang Salesperson Training na itinulak niya.

Pero makikinabang ba sa scheme ni Mr. Sevilla ang mga RESPs na kumakayod sa kalye? Ang sagot HINDI.

Bakit ako pwersahin maging member ng association bago ko makuha ang rights ko as Charter Member ng AIPO. Ako ayoko maging member ng Association kasi dagdag gastos lang yan. Bayad pa ako maintenance ng overhead ng office ko, bayad pa pang-training ng Salesperson, bayad pa pang CPE ko, bayad pa pang AIPO, at bayad pa pang Association. PURO BAYAD BAYAD BAYAD, walang programa na maganda para KUMITA NAMAN AKO. Tumanda na yang si Sevilla na ganito ang kalakaran, bayad ng bayad tayo lahat, siya kumikita kada training.

Ang Review Centers na katulad nyang PHILRES ay auxiliary services support lang yan ng RESPs in the education aspect. Hindi yan pwede maging AIPO.


POSTED BY: Titus Amigo Perez
From: CAB Rico Sevilla
(CAB means Consultant, Appraiser and Broker, All in One)
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Dawn of A New Beginning For Real Estate Service Professionals of the Philippines
We are at the Dawn of A New Beginning For The Professionalization of the Real Estate Industry of the Philippines. The much awaited formal announcement of the formal recognition & accreditation of the Accredited & Integrated Professional Organization (AIPO) for the Real Estate Service Profession by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is widely anticipated and expected to be upon us in the very near future. The "ship of state", to use a metaphor, of the real estate service profession is about to set sail. Its launch will usher in positive and pro-active changes in the real estate environment, adoption of a Code of Ethics and Responsibilities, formation of the CPE Council which shall prescribe guidelines and criteria for the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program, and representation in the legislative halls of Congress. The formal recognition & accreditation of the Philippine Institute of Real Estate Service Practitioners of the Philippines (PhilRES) Incorporated or PhilRES is generally accepted and broadly expected. PhilRES was organized by the Incumbent Presidents, Chairmen of the Board, Members of the Board of Directors/Trustees and Officers of twenty-five (25) real estate service associations and organizations for the calendar year 2010 representing more than 75% of the duly organized real estate service organizations nationwide who acted (a) in their moral duty and obligation to perform to the best of their abilities, their functions and capacities (b) in the best interest of their respective organizations, members and of the entire real estate profession, and (c) in exercise of their individual and collective constitutional rights guaranteed under Section 8 Article III of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. This assembly of distinguished Incumbent Presidents, and/or Chairmen of the Board, and/or Members of the Board of Directors/Trustees and/or Officers of the twenty-five (25) associations/organizations are composed of: 1. Institute of Philippine Real Estate Consultants, Inc. (IPREC) Enrico Melchor G. Sevilla - President 2010 Amelita E. Sarmiento - Chairman of the Board 2010 Juan B. Dayag - Vice President 2010 2. Philippine Association of Realty Consultants & Specialists, Inc.(PARCS) Domingo De Vera - President 2010 Victor Salinas Carolina Alvarez 3. Institute of Philippine Real Estate Appraisers, Inc. (IPREA) Roche U. Rigos - President 2010 Ernesto M. Angeles 4. Philippine Association of Realty Appraisers, Inc. (PARA) Dr. Mary Gaw So - President - 2010 Filipina Tuazon 5. Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (REBAP) Julius G. Topacio - Chairman 2010 Evangeline M. De Jesus - Vice President MIS Josefina D. Magumca - VP Internal 6. Philippine Association of Realtors Boards, Inc.(PAREB) Pilar Torres-Banaag - President 2010 Tomasito Academia - Chairman of the Board 2010 Jocelynn Coronado-Sison - Secretary General 2010 7. Chamber of Real Estate Builders Association, Inc. (CREBA) Florentino S. Dulalia, Jr. - President 2010 8. National Real Estate Association, Inc. (NREA) Marissa P. Magsino - President 2010 Alejandro S. Manalac - Vice Chairman - 2010 9. National Real Estate Association, Inc. – Cebu (NREA-Cebu) Abundio C. Gultiano, Jr. - President 2010 10. NAR Philippines (NAR) Moises Canayon - President 2010 Elizabeth Villareal - Vice President Atty. Iderlina P. Pagunuran 11. Philippines Realtors Foundation, Inc. (PRFI) Jane Saguinsin - President 2010 Ma. Teresita B. Canlas - Executive Vice President 2010 12. Institute of Public Sector Appraisers of the Philippines, Inc. (IPSAP) Joselito C. Caballero - President 2010 Genaro N. Flores – Vice President 2010 13. Philippine Association of Local Treasurers & Assessors, Inc. (PHALTRA) Nestor P. Quiambao - President 2010 14. Philippine Association of Municipal Assessors, Inc. (PAMAS) Mario G. Magcalas - President 2010 15. Philippine Association of Assessing Officers, Inc. (PAAO) Nelson E. Parreno - President 2010 Gener R. Sison – EVP 2010 16. Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA) Jose De Guzman 17. Philippine Council of Real Estate Educators, Inc. (PHILCORE) Amelita E. Sarmiento Florentino S. Dulalia, Jr. 18. Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) Linda A. Tan Jefferson S. Bonggat 19. Asian Valuers Association (AVA) Federico F. Cuervo 20. Society of Philippine Review Appraisers, Inc. (SUPRA) Filemon N. Saromo 21. SIRCRO Arnulfo Canaria 22. Federation of Real Estate Brokers’ Associations in Region3 (FREBA R3), Inc. Araceli S. Cauguiran - Past President 2009 Edward R. Tolentino 23. Philippine Association of Building Administrators, Inc. (PABA) Jeffrey R. Sosa 24. Northern Mindanao Association of Real Estate Appraisers, Inc. NORMINAREA) Pilar Torres-Banaag - President 2010 25. Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Lindsay A. Barrientos Celia S. Alba. As I understand and interpret PhilRES' plans and programs, the following shall transpire upon the formal recognition & accreditation as AIPO by the PRC. 1. Upon the effectivity of the recognition and accreditation of PhilRES as the AIPO, PhilRES shall commence the acceptance of membership payments as well as the application for the organization by 3rd party applicants for the formation of provincial local chapters, city local chapters and local chapters in first class municipalities, provided that these applicants conform to PhilRES membership application requirements. Only single local chapter applications will be accepted, no bulk applications will be entertained. 2. All PRC licensed real estate practitioners who shall avail of Sec. 20 Article III provision of RA 9646 or Registration Without Examination are automatic Charter Members of PhilRES and of its local chapters. Only those Regular Members who have satisfactorily complied with the Membership Requirements pursuant to the PhilRES By Laws shall be Members in Good Standing and shall enjoy the privileges that come with such membership status including the right to nominate, be nominated, give proxy, receive proxy, vote and be voted upon. 3. It is from these local chapters that the nominees for the various National Directorate and National Officers positions shall be directly nominated by the local chapter members in official lists that these local chapters shall submit to the PhlRES National Comelec for qualification and approval. 4. The qualified Regular Members in Good Standing shall then by plurality vote elect their choice of National Officers & National Trustees during the First Regular National Convention & Elections that shall be held this year for that purpose from among the "Official Tally of Qualified Nominees" names as qualified and approved by the PhlRES National Comelec. 5. Pending the qualification and election of the First Regularly Nominated & Elected Officers and National Board of Trustees of PhilRES, which is ideally envisioned to be held this year, the current Officers and National Directorate of PhilRES shall perform and function in their duties and responsibilities as any regularly elected Officers and National Board of Trustees would normally operate as permitted under the Corporation Code of the Philippines under a “Caretaker Capacity” as “Caretaker Officers and National Trustees of PhilRES”. 6. Upon the proclamation of the First Regularly Nominated & Elected Officers and National Board of Trustees of PhilRES, the “Caretaker Officers and Caretaker National of Trustees” shall cease to perform their duties and responsibilities immediately and subsequently turn-over without delay their respective offices and functions to the First Regularly Nominated & Elected Officers and National Board of Trustees of PhilRES. Such is my understanding and interpretation of the plans and programs of PhilRES that shall transpire upon the formal recognition & accreditation as AIPO by the PRC. It is quite certain that not everybody will be pleased with the choice of PhilRES as the AIPO, nor if the opposite happens and the other party petitioning to be recognized & accredited as the AIPO were to be recognized & accredited by the PRC. The great possibility of a legal challenge is looming and rife. Meron kasabihan, "kung may katwiran, ipaglaban!"... That is everyone’s inherent Constitutional right as a citizen. The core AIPO Charter Members will be composed of an estimated 20,000 intelligent and discerning real estate practitioners, maybe an additional 10,000 more from the Government Assessors, approximately 3,185 new real estate brokers, and a conservative number of about 1,000 new real estate appraisers. That's about 34,185 real estate professionals nationwide ... Please take heed and bear in mind the Interests of these people into account and the ramifications, consequences and negative backlash that a protracted legal action that will question the choice of AIPO by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as recommended by the Professional Regulatory Board for Real Estate Service (PRBRES) will cause. – Enrico Melchor G. Sevilla PRC REC 00024 PRC REA 00044 PRC REB 00117


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Sick and Tired said...

SIR John...WE GOT SCREWED...What do we do now SIR JOHN????


What do we do? Tuloy lang ang IPORESP sign-up sa http://iporesp.org

SariSari Lang said...

"Atsaka, feeling ni Mr. Sevilla he is representing the interest of the so called 34,185 RESPs Nationwide. Napaka "assuming". Ipaliwanag mo muna kung ano ang participation mo na naging 120 hours yang Salesperson Training sa IRR -- HINDI YAN INTEREST NG MGA RESPs, selfish interest pangwarta motibo yan ng PHILRES!!" <<< Bakit nga ba 120 credit units? Sa (Real Estate Service Act) RESA or R.A. 9646 ay wala naman nakaindicate na kailangan may 120 credits units sa qualifications for examination(sec 14b).. Idinagdag etong 120 credits units sa PRC IRR of RESA. Puede naman mag board exam ng walang ganitong requirement, puede namang mag self study, pag aralang mabuti ang mga batas at ibang scope of examination for real estate brokers, naka indicate naman ang scope ng board exam for real estate brokers (sec13c). Kapag nakapasa sa board exam, ibig sabihin nyan alam mo kung anong klaseng propesyon ang pinapasok mo, di ka naman siguro papasa kung wala kang alam, hindi ba?! maliban na lang kung uso ang bayaran para makapasa sa board..

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May laban po ba kami para mahabol namin ang pinaghirapang komisyon?
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