AIPORESP formation - the correct sequence

This is the correct sequence of the AIPO Formation that will be followed by the AIPORESP Volunteer Convenor:


(1) Open up the positions for election volunteers and note na bawal kumandidato sa election pag election volunteer (10 July 2011 and will be kept open),

(2) Open up the filing of candidacy for the first board of trustees[BOT] (15-31 July 2011),

(3) Administer the Integration Form back-to-back with Election Voting Form, administer the campaign period, tally the voting results, and proclaim the first BOTs (1-21 August 2011),


(4) Development and presentation of the programs and projects for BOT approval,

(5) Design an organizational structure that will tailorfit a capability to implement the BOT-approved programs and projects,

(6) BOT will form the organizational officers who will serve as full-time management team in the HQ, and develop the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.


(7) Formal presentation to PRC Commissioner, submit the documents, answer all clarifying questions of the PRC Standards Division, secure an informal approval (because you still don't have the last pending document with is the SEC Registration),

(8) Registration to the SEC,

(9) Ministerial function of the PRC Commissioner to issue Certificate of Accreditation to AIPORESP.

(10) Celebrate ! Conduct a National Assembly open to alll RESPs for the formal presentation of PRC Accreditation, and formal Induction and Oathtaking of Board of Trustees and Officers, presentation of Plans, Programs, and Projects.


Convenor means Lead Integrator if applied in initial AIPO Formation. Hindi yan kailangan elected. Volunteer group lang ang Convenor kapag non-existing pa ang organization wherein magcoconduct pa lang ng FIRST election. Pag succeeding BOT election, pwede volunteer or appointed by the Board of Trustees.


The General Rule: (1) INTEGRATE everyone first, then (2) ORGANIZE a functional democracy, then finally (3) ACCREDIT. If you reverse the sequence (as the self-centered, power-hungry, greed-driven defiants are doing), you "may" possibly succeed in getting accreditation as a result of your bribe and inappropriate lobbying, but you won't be able to integrate the practitioners and your few conspirators can't win in a stand-off with the democracy of thousands. MABUHAY ANG TUWID NA DAAN !!!


CONFESSION! Gusto ko lang po ipaalam sa lahat na meron po kumontact sa akin recently, hindi nagpa-kilala, lalaki ang boses sa telepono. He congratulated IPORESP for a successful integration momentum. But I was annoyed po dahil nag-offer siya ng PRC Accreditation Guarantee pag meron daw akong "pang for da boys". I hate fixers po and I normally react impulsively upon impact. I ended the conversation immediately and na-mura ko pa siya. Na-isip ko lang, kaya siguro nag re-raise yung isang Integration-Defiant ng membership fee para may pang bayad sa "for da boys". So everyone, SHIELDS UP!


QUESTION: Sir John, are the positions in IPORESP going to be vacated and vacant to pave the way for elections?

ANSWER: There is no position in IPORESP that is filled yet, except the Election Volunteer Convenors (EVC) which started 10 July 2011 and is always kept open for more volunteers. The result of this Charter Member election is the First Board of Trustees (BOT), which filing of candidacy is still open from 15-31 Jul 2011. Once the BOT is proclaimed, it will truly serve as the Regular First BOT and their work terminates only after the Second BOT is elected in the future (periodic interval date will be determined by the BOT and inputted in the By-Laws. It is the BOT that will create or disolve any position in the Management Team (from CEO, Operation Directors, down to non-technical staff).


Tandaan lang po, kung kayo ay member po ng PhilRES, 100% sure po na disqualified kayo for the 25 PRB-RES nominees na isa-submit ng AIPORESP per RA 9646 Sec 6E, and 100% sure po na hindi kayo ma-integrate sa AIPORESP on grounds of entire Association DEFIANCE to Sec 34 of RA 9646. Pag nasa PhilRES member list na po name ninyo sa PhilRES, sorry na lang po, the only excuse that will be accepted bago ka mai-labas sa DEFIANT LIST is if you can present evidence na hindi ka PhilRES. Ang FRESA po ay hindi na defiant. Defiance to Sec 34 of RA 9646 on grounds of factionalism, competition against AIPORESP Formation, and unauthorized representation that is contrary to the common objective of Integration. Two way out for the PhilRES members to escape the DEFIANT LIST: (1) Individual Certificate of Resignation of PhilRES Membership, or (2) PhilRES Corporate Resolution of Withdrawal of AIPO Application stamped received by PRC. Ang naiwan na lang na defiant ay PhilRES dahil insistent ang leader nila si Rico Sevilla. The rest of the Associations are clean and no longer defiant in the integration including PAREB, REBAP, FRESA, etc. All systems go on the AIPORESP Formation and schedule has not changed.

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