AIPORESP formation will not use RESA IRR

In determining the process of the AIPORESP Formation, we will not use the IRR that is made by these anomalous PRB-RES who are nominated by Interim AIPO FRESA. We will stick with the RA 9646 original text.

The AIPO Formation Anomaly started when FRESA presented itself as Interim AIPO, and then the chain of anomalies rolled after that -- anomalous appointment of PRB-RES, inappropriate insertions in IRR, inappropriate begotiations with PhilRES, red taping of paperwork of applicats to concentrate the voters list, and so on and so forth. In all of these, CREBA played a big role as the invisible hand of the devil

So, the solution is we will go back to that point in the past before FRESA appeared in the picture.

There is something wrong with the IRR and that something is BIG. The RA 9646 is a SANCTUARY and REFUGE of the RESPs. But the IRR is the SLAUGHTERHOUSE of the RESPs. If you get into that IRR, it is similar to self-cremation.

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