Full disclosure before join the profession

Getting a Broker's License is a huge investment of time, money, and effort, and a never-ending FEES. With what's going on in the real estate service sector, there is a small chance of return of investment. Getting a license is like subscribing periodic fees to a CABLE TV wherein the only shows you get are those local chanels that you can access by just using an antenae on the roof.

All Licensee-wannabees must be informed that ALL Buyers and Sellers prefer to deal directly with each other. Nobody wants do deal with middlemen. Nobody wants to deal with Brokers. I am available to render FREE PRE-SEMINAR COUNSELLING SERVICE for anyone who are curious about exploring the possibility of hitting a jackpot as a Broker. There must be DISCLOSURE about what's going on in our service sector before people start investing their hard-earned savings into real estate education. It is unfair if they will just get disappointed after they get their license.

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