The big difference between AIPO and APO

QUESTION: I've read RESA and in my understanding, AIPORESP, is a General Term used to describe the accredited and integrated professional organization of real estate service practitioners which will be determined by the board later. PhilRES is an AIPORESP which happened to be the approved entity by the commission. Even if it's mentioned 12times or 20 times in the law, it think the term AIPORESP doesn't mean to be an organization under which it is described by the law. Maybe correct or not? Or is this just a Facebook group of RESP? Just wondering.

ANSWER: I understand. There are people who confuse AIPORESP and IPORESP versus APORESP.

This group is IPORESP and we look forward to become AIPORESP. But both IPORESP and AIPORESP are mentioned 12 times in RESA Law.

PhilRES and FRESA are APORESP. APORESP is never mentioned in RESA LAW, but it was PRC who invented APORESP.

Did you get the distinction?

Now let's talk about HONESTY.

We, in here, in IPORESP, are honest to tell you that we are not ACCREDITED yet. That is why we use IPORESP, and not AIPORESP.

On the other group, PhilRES specifically, DISHONESTLY call their own selves AIPO. But they can't fool us because we know the truth. We know that they are just an APO because they lack the letter "I", which is INTEGRATION.

So, yang sinasabi mo, Edmund, na "PhilRES is an AIPORESP which happened to be the approved entity by the commission", kayo lang dyan sa PhilRES ang naniniwala nyang self-serving and DISHONEST claim nyo na yan. Lahat kami dito naniniwala na hindi INTEGRATED yang PhilRES.

Kung gusto nyo ng TRUCE, dalawang tao lang ang pwede umupo over a cup of coffee to negotiate. Ako to represent the side of IPORESP. Si Congressman to represent EGong, PhilRES, and FRESA.

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