Proposed Solution to AIPO Formation Deadlock

The three possible solutions to the AIPO Formation Deadlock are (1) Annexation, (2) Takeover, and (3) Annihilation. Among these three, the Annexation is the most humane, the other two are just plain ruthless. Nevertheless, we are launching these three simultaneously.


Ang customized solution sa AIPO Formation deadlock na eto ay napaka simple. I call it ANNEXATION. Matatanggap nyo kung hindi kayo takot sa Healthy Open Competition within ONE ORGANIZATION. Ganito gagawin ko, I will revise the By-Laws and Organizational Structure of IPORESP. Gagawin nating TWO MEMBERSHIP DEPARTMENTS.

One department is the ELITE DEPARTMENT where we can enlist all those who can afford expensive Membership Fees, expensive CPEs, expensive National Conventions, expensive venues for oathtakings and gatherings.

Second Department in the SOCIALIZED DEPARTMENT where we can enlist all those who prefer Zero Membership Fee, cheap VideoSeminar CPEs, and non-mandatory National Conventions, cheap venues for oathtakings and gatherings.

In this manner, hayaan lang natin ang FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Huwag nating gamiting ang AIPO na magiging "hadlang" sa opportunities and dreams ng isang tao na gusto magka-license. Kapag may pera, pwede siya mag enlist sa Elite Department. Pagka-naman hard-up siya, pwede siya sa Socialized Department. Pwedeng mag shift ng department anytime.

So, yang mga nasa Elite Department, kung gusto nyo dumami members ninyo, gumawa kayo ng paraan para "yumaman" yang mga nasa Socialized Department. Kapag kayo ay merong Elite member na minalas, up to the point na walang-wala na siya na hindi na makabayad ng mga fees para maka-kuha ng Certificate of Good Standing which is required for renewal of license, ehhh huwag nyo naman tanggalan ng license, for humanitarian reason kasi hanap-buhay niya yan, ipa-lipat nyo na lang siya sa Socialized Department. Pangit kapag dini-deprive ninyo ng license ang mga mahihirap, magiging "anti-poor" kayo nyan.

Ang RESP naman na nasa Socialized Department na na-chi-cheapan na sa meetings sa Jolibee dahil "umangat" na siya dahil naka hit ng jackpot deal, ehhh pwede siya lumipat sa Elite Department para doon na siya mag meeting sa mga class na hotel and mag CPE sa mga class na restaurant.

Ang Realtor, pwede sya mamugad sa Elite Department. Ang Realter naman, sa Socialized Department. Pero lahat, Realtor man or Realter, pag gumamit ng "Rltr" title, bayad yan ng Royalty sa akin (hehehehe lucky guy).


+ The name of IPORESP per Sec 34 RA 9646.
+ Presidency/Chairmanship is Alternate between the Two Party System.
+ Equal representation sa Board of Directors.
+ Equal Representation sa Policy Consultation Council on IRR and CodER.
+ The Two Departments may have a separate structure of their their own Local Clusters/Chapters.

Pag acceptable sa inyo eto, pwede natin eto pag-usapan para i-develop further.

Although we are capable of putting the garapatas into extinction, kahit konti lang yan sila, na-aawa pa rin ako sa mga pamilya ng mga yan na kailangan din kumain. So, bibigyan natin sila ng space nila to legally operate their own Elitist op...eration, but we can't allow them to hostage the renewal of licenses with their monopolistic and garapatic ways that will disadvantage the struggling RESPs. Sa ngayon, less than 30 lang yan sila mga garapata na nangangarap yumaman sa CPE and membership fee, napaka konti yan sila hindi yan sila threat sa IPORESP.

So, ang mangyayari nito, mag add tayo ng Article sa By-Laws ng IPORESP to accommodate other groups na mga garapata kasali na dyan ang PhilRES. Pag ma-approve eto ng BOT natin, PhilRES becomes a small department of IPORESP na tatawagin nating Elite Department. Parang si Bella ng Twilight, may bampira sa loob ng tiyan niya. Pero hindi mamamatay si Bella sa ending. Hindi rin mamamatay ang baby bampira.

Let's give these garapatas 24 hours to call me for an appointment para pag-usapan ang Proposed Solution natin. Pag hindi tumawag, let's take over their Organization, open naman sila for membership diba so vulnerable, atsaka konti lang naman yan sila kailangan lang natin ng 2/3 to take-over. Nasa loob na ng Organization nila ang iba sa atin, so magigig madali eto.


Dear ALL IPORESP sign-ups!

After you have signed-up in IPORESP, please sign-up in PhilRES, then email me immediately once you are in, and wait for further instruction. We will gradually populate PhilRES and in the right timing takeover the organization. These presumptuous ticks who are dreaming of becoming a mafia are few and their PRC Accreditation have taken hostage the formation of... the Genuine AIPO. A takeover is worth a try because it is one of our many options and the most cost-efficient way to skip the red-tape of the PRB-RES.

After we succeed in the takeover, we will just change its name later on to IPORESP to fit in the RA 9646. If they will refuse your entry into their organization, please document it in a proper report to include the detail of what happened, how it happened, where it happened, when it happened, and who are the people involved, and then have your report notarized and submit it to me.

In the case of PhilRES, we have a very definite deadline of termination of operation, because that corporation is "worthless" once their accreditation is cancelled. Remember, if they can't sign-up 50% of the PRC-registered RESPs until October 2012, their accreditation will be cancelled per PRC Resolution 2004-178 Rule 4.3.

This opportunity of the learning experience is rare. Knowledge in corporate takeover is a plus in your experience as a real estate broker because it is required in acquisitions and mergers that involve businesses that are bundled with real estate assets. After you have participated in this drill, you can already include "Experience in Corporate Takeover" in your resume, which is basically your first-step into getting hired into the inner circles of the business tycoons, corporate conglomerates, and political strategists. So, this is it, watch and learn every step of the way how it's being done. Sieze the moment!


Annihilation by Fierce Competition

Predatory pricing mechanism is the most effective weapon to eliminate a monopolistic competition. In a market where there is freedom of choice, prices and quality will naturally eliminate the incompetitive entities. With these IPORESP commitments below, any competition will surely be annihilated.





Anihilation by Judicial Means

Another possible most ruthless way to annihilate PhilRES is to file a case in Ombudsman. I gotta have to think a number of times before I do this because the moment these people gets convicted of corruption, they will ba another addition to the impoverished families in this planet.

Acquiring accreditation by FRAUDULENT INFORMATION is a ground of cancellation of accreditation. Do you know what PhilRES claimed in PRC when they applied for APO accreditation? The document speaks that PhilRES claimed that THEY REPRESENT 75% OF THE REAL ESTATE SERVICE PRACTITIONERS. Yea, that is the exact figure they told the PRC. That's how calous those liars are.

DUE DILIGENCE is a function of PRB-RES, and PRC as well, ans we can sleep well as long as they function well. However, allowing this fraudulent information to get through is a clear NEGLIGENCE or DIRECT PARTICIPATION AS CONSPIRATOR. There is also no excuse because it stayed in their supposedly diligent hand for a long period of time.

PhilRES has to prove that allegedly fraudulent information. Not using sign-ups at present and future, but they have to produce proof that they have a huge collection of REPRESENTATION AUTHORITY from the RESPs with date-stamp on or before t...he date they submitted such questionable information.

RESA Sec 9 SEC. 9. Removal of the Chairperson and the Members of the Board (PRB-RES).. NEGLECT OF DUTY and INCOMPETENCE.

Sec 19. SEC. 19. Revocation or Suspension of the Certificate of Registration... (A) Procurement of a certificate of registration and/or professional identification card, or special/temporary permit by fraud or deceit;

WHISTLEBLOWER #1: "Sir John, usap-usapan dito sa amin sa PhilRES, palalabasin namin na democracy kami ng buong real estate service sector kahit less than twenty kami, walang nagsa-sign up sa amin kahit nag claim na kami ng papel PRC, palalabasin namin that we represent everyone kasi mga presidente daw kami ng mga associations. Pero nung pinaringgan kami na ang napakaraming members of IPORESP will join PhilRES to take-over PhilRES, ang sabi ng mga kasama namin eh hindi daw kami aalis sa pwesto kasi kami daw tinalaga ng Congressman na may-ari na nangapital ng PHILRES para ma-register sa SEC. Malakas ang timbre naming PhilRES kay Chairman Ong ng PRB-RES. Si Sevilla ang nag-iisang binubulungan ni Ong kung ano ang gagawin. Samakatuwid, oligarchy talaga kami ng mga naghaharing-uri dito sa PhilRES, at ang mga real estate practitioners ay mga milking cow lang ng membership fees namin. Kahit alam ko po na wala kayong balak na i-take over ang PhilRES, lumalabas talaga na "PRIVATELY OWNED" etong PhilRES namin. Hindi kami ang genuine integration. Doble ingat ka Sir John, pina-project ka nila." (INSIDER'S REPORT, a dual member of PhilRES and IPORESP)

WHISTLEBLOWER #2: "Sir John, ang donation na binigay ng capitalista sa amin, diniklara namin as capital contribution ng mga Board of Directors and Officers. Dummy lang kami. See the documents in your email." (INSIDER, PhilRES).

ANSWER: Ewan ko kung totoo yang sinasabi ninyo, pero paki tanong nga si Sevilla kung totoo ba etong insider's report na "Congressman ang nagbigay ng pera para sa Capitalization ng PhilRES when it was registered in SEC". Pag umiwas, i-insist ninyo ang tanong. Hindi kailangan ng paliwanag, pero kailangan sagutin niya ng OO or HINDI, otherwise this will hold as TRUE.


QUESTION: Sir John, irresponsible ka raw dahil hindi mo pa pinapa-accredit sa PRC ang IPORESP. Bakit daw hihintayin mo pa ang last goat. Ilang percent ba dapat sign-up ng IPORESP bago tayo magpa accredit sa PRC? ANSWER: Look, AIPO Formation is my responsibility as convenor okay. Pinag-aralan ko na yan, trust me, I know what I am doing. Just do YOUR JOB tohelp keep in finding and encouraging RESPs ...to sign up. Mas irresponsible ako kapag gayahin ko yang mga garapata na nagpa-accredit na na wala pa silang numbers. As of today, mga 12,000 na ang PRC registered RESPs, hindi pa nag-kalahati ang sign-ups natin sa IPORESP. Ang PhilRES mas malala, less than 50 lang sign-up nila.

"The membership of the accredited professional organization falls 50% or below of those who have been issued their annual registration cards for the current year." (PRC Resolution 2004-178 Rule 4.4 Cancellation of PRC Accreditation)



PhilRES started May 2010, formed by a incumbent association officers who are classified as splinter group of FRESA. This group muscled with and rub elbows with the government officials to get Accreditation without passing through the Integration Process. They PRESUMPTUOUSLY REPRESENTED the RESPs. October 2011, PhilRES got the APO Certificate that is similar to FRESA. As of toda...y, PHILRES are getting sign-ups with a silence on the membership fee. Previous talks were P10,000 annual membership fee per sign-up plus you have to attend their nominated 120-hour CPEs that will cost you around P50,000 -- if you won't pay you can't renew your license. Once you sign-up, you have it notarized, you are already bound to pay THE HIDDEN FEES and CHARGES, if you won't pay, your sign-up document will be used to expell you in their organization and against your license. PhilRES sign-ups as of today is less than 50.

IPORESP started formation in 29 June 2009, it's anniversary date as it is created by RA 9646. It follows the motto: "Integration First before Accreditation". With a guaranteed zero membership fees, as of today, IPORESP has already reached 602 sign-ups. In IPORESP, you are free to come and free to go, and free to join other groups, no strings attached.

RECOMMENDATION: If you sign-up in PhilRES, it's okay, but be THE LAST to sign-up. Don't get ripped off with that hidden charges, and please demand for a PROGRAMS on how PhilRES will use the projected billions of revenues from FORCIBLE membership. And by the way, get some answers, ask them if it is true that a Congressman is THE CAPITALIST behind PhilRES registration in SEC.

Hindi ako nag-kulang sa pa-alala. Pag hindi kayo mag-bayad ng mga hidden charges ng PhilRES, hindi kayo makaka-kuha ng Certificate of Good Standing for License Renewal. Maging ma-ingat sa pag-sign-up sa mga private company na merong hidden charges, tatakutin ka pa ng mga yan na magka-bad-record ka sa Credit Management Association of the Philippines, hindi ka na makakakuha ng Credit Card ever!

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