The RA 9646 says that you are not barred from joining any federation, integration, association, group, gang, mafia, fraternity, secession movement, political party, network, tupperware party, or whatever you call it. But please DO NOT sign-up in any group that does not tell your obligations and fees and dues that comes along with your membership, especially if the recruiters will requires you to have your sign-up paper NOTARIZED. NEVER NEVER NEVER get victimized in that subscription scam!

The trick is this. In your sign-up form, write-in a statement: "I sign this membership form on the understanding that there is perpetually no monetary obligation involved". Then have it notarized, and keep one copy for your file.

Remember, they premeditated a P10,000 membership dues per year, but they are silent about it. What do you get out of that P10,000? Ahhh you get just one peace of paper called Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) that is required by PRC when you renew your license. So, be wise at all times.

In IPORESP, we have ZERO memberhsip fee, no monthly dues, no annual dues. You only pay P50 for the printing of your CGS when y ou renew your license.


RULE #1. If some groups will tell you to sign-up because they claim you are "automatic member", don't forget to ask about your dues, obligations, and hidden charges that comes along with it, especially if your sign-up requires a notarization because that becomes an enforcable contract. Demand a full disclosure about the content of the package, be an informed decision maker, be a smart buyer, ask and get some Yanswers before you sign anything. If it is really necessary to sign-up but you are in doubt, then SAY YES, but be clever, be patient, BE THE LAST TO SIGN-UP. Before you sign, look around for some comparison in terms of price and quality.

Remember, read carefully the Sec 34 of RA 9646. As an automatic member, you can only enjoy the benefits and privileges, but the law did not mention about any obligation, dues, and fees. Read:

"A real estate service practitioner duly registered with the Board shall automatically become a member of the accredited and integrated professional organization of real estate service practitioners [AIPORESP], and shall receive the benefits and privileges appurtenant thereto."

IPORESP follows the RA 9646 word for word. In IPORESP, there is no membership fees, no monthly dues, no annual dues.

There are two APO now, right? One Interim APO FRESA. The new one is APO Designate PhilRES. Pareho yang dalawa hindi dumaan sa INTEGRATION process. Pareho walang tao. Hmmmm.


"PhilRES By Laws are Firm, Fair and protects the rights and privileges of All its members." (Sevilla, a protector who takes)

PhilRES admittedly is in the business of PROTECTION. Fine. If you read their By Laws, whichs indeed as firm as a tax collector, you will notice that their primary source of income is PROTECTION MONEY. Protection money is the collection of fees, a typical operation of extortion mafias. These mafia operates a barrier that forcibly asks for protection money (in form of membership fee and excessive Seminar fees) before RESPs can avail of the benefit from the RESA Law such as licensing. Most extortion mafias are just fronts of corrupt government officials who administer regulatory laws governing particular business sector, in this case we have the mastermind in the PRB-RES and probably another one in Congress. From DAY 1, I've been warning you all about these people. (Petalcorin, a protector who gives)

Pag inexpose mo yang mafia na yan, red-tape ang aabutin ng papeles mo. Harap harapan yan sila kung mang-red-tape, makakapal mga mukha ng mga yan, sobrang kapal.

Paki bookmark nito ha. Later pag binibiktimana kayo ng mga mafia na yan regarding CGS, eh sabihin nyo hindi ko kayo winarningan.


Jon Tanpoco

‎"IF PHILRES cannot get 50% sign-ups out of the currently PRC registered RESPs (now around 12,000), their PRC accreditation will automatically be cancelled, and they have to prove membership sign-up first before they can apply again (of course they can always change the name and lie again just like their fraudulent statement that they represent 75% of the RESPs)." - John Petalcorin

What can you say about Rule 2, No. 3 of PRC Resolution 2004-178? Which states: "It is representative of the profession to which it seeks accreditation, i.e. the membership shall include more than 50% of the registered professionals who have been issued their current professional identification cards. However, if the professional organization is an integrated national organization of professionals pursuant to a professional regulatory law, this requirement is not applicable thereto."

Rltr JRP RESPONSE: That is Rule 2, requirements for accreditation. Integration is a lot more than just calling in a meeting the Heads of the various Associations and having them sign an Integration Agreement. A Head must posess three important things before h...e can enter into that Integration/Federation deal, and these are (1) a proof of collective decision from individual members of his organization, (2) a Board Resolution from their respective organizations clearly defining what their organization want in the Integration, and (3) an authorization to represent by his organization. Without these three elements, when the Head of an organization signs into that deal, he would be branded as a Presumptuous Representative. Well, he can come in the deal without these three elements, but he has to sign as an individual.

In the case of PhilRES, their signarories are all Presumptuous Reps. Si Pilar, yan ang reason bakit siya sinipa ng PAREB. Madali mag sinungaling lalo na pag may kasabwat, atsaka nasa "ETHICAL VALUES" yan ng Head.

In Rule 4.3 ""The membership of the accredited professional organization falls 50% or below of those who have been issued their annual registration cards for the current year." (PRC Resolution 2004-178 Rule 4.3 Cancellation of PRC Accreditation)

BY THE WAY, do you have a copy of that PRC Rules?


IPORESP follows the principle of (1) FAIR USER FEE charges and (2) COMPETITIVE MARKET MECHANISM. The IPORESP will offer products and services, the member pays for getting quality products and good service. When the market consumates, there is profit that will serve as revenues of the IPORESP to finance its expenditures. In IPORESP, members get good value for their money on a peso-for-peso deal. I also like this mechanism because it is a natural self-corrective mechanism, meaning, if IPORESP sells incompetitive products and services, it will die a natural death because no member would patronize it. IPORESP is service-oriented.

The minds behind PhilRES think like an Extortion Mafia. They will sign-up memberships, then force RESPs to pay big Protection Money (Membership Fee), and they will cut the license of those RESPs who will not pay. In short, they will not bother those members who pay, but they will hammer those members who are not diligent in paying their dues to PhilRES, basically an Extortion Mafia. PhilRES has no Plans, Programs, and Projects with benefits that is worth paying for. I don't like PhilRES, if I support PhilRES, para akong naglagay ng mga garapata sa taenga ko at pinataba ko.

Kung dumami manganak man yang garapata na yan, hindi dahil sa dugo ko. Pag mag sign-up ka dyan sa PhilRES, para kang lumunok ng buhay na tapeworm or ascaris for that matter.


In April 2010, PhilRES fraudulent claimed it is already an integration of 75% of the RESPs. Because of fraud, combined with the influence of a conspirator inside PRB-RES, PhilRES was able to get PRC Accreditation. In IPORESP, we don't tolerate FRAUD, and no one can force us to tolerate FRAUD. Yang PRC papeles ng PhilRES, hindi yan uubra sa taong bayan. Walang korte-korte sa taong bayan, walang ombudsman-ombudsman, walang complain-complain, hahayaan lang yang PhilRES na yan, pero hindi yan susuportahan ng taong bayan kasi alam ng lahat na nakakuha ng papeles yan because of FRAUD.

As I repeatedly say, INTEGRATION is a serious matter. We don't play with it.

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