No need to sign-up in PhilRES

The real way to profesionalize is not through FRAUD. PhilRES, in April 2010, FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMED in PRC that they represent 75% of the RESPs. Okay lang yang sinasabi ni Lourdes na let's start INTEGRATION, totoo yan, nagpapatunay yan na hindi talaga yan aIpo yang kapranggot na members ng PhilRES. Ang IPORESP po, ay PRO-INTEGRATION. IPORESP will complete the integration process first before we accredit, kasi po, we do it SINCERELY according to the law. Sa awa ng Dyos, ang IPORESP ay mahigit 600 na nag-integrate, ang PhilRES naku ewan maawa ka na lang. I represent po over 600 RESPs with proper authorization. I will not honor PhilRES po. Sana ma-intindihan ninyo na hindi ako pwede lumihis sa RESA Law and sa commitment ko sa mga nag-sign-up sa IPORESP. xxxxxx COMPARE THE PRICE BEFORE YOU SIGN-UP! IF IN DOUBT, SIGN UP THE DAY BEFORE YOU RENEW YOUR LICENSE! PHILRES Sign-up = Hiden Charges (previous talks say P10,000 Annual Dues) IPORESP Sign-up = ZERO Membership Fee. ZERO Annual Dues Hanggang Nov 2012 lang yang PhilRES, pag hindi sila maka produce ng 50% sign-ups, cancelled na yang APO Accreditation nila. Less than 50 sign-ups lang yan sila since April 2010 pa yan sila nag-hahanap ng sign-ups. IPORESP continue lang ang Integration, meron na tayong over 600 sign-ups at average of 100 sign-ups per month since July 2011. YOU CAN LIVE WITH YOUR LICENSE WITHOUT AIPO until you need a Cert of Good Standing (CGS) for your License Renewal. xxxxx PhilRES is saying that we are all automatic members in their system, but they as also using ELECTION as a bait for RESPs to sign-up in their system to be able to run for a post or vote. PhilRES is also using the PRC certificate to claim that they are already the aIpo. Well, let's just pretend that we believe their fraudulent statement last April 2010 that they are already an integration of 75% of the RESPs. Hayaan lang natin yan election nila to prove kung talagang meron silang 75%. We will not sign-up in PhilRES, we will not join such election. Let's see kung ilan talaga ang members ng grupo na yan. Now compare. In IPORESP, walang election, you get any position by appointment the next day just by VOLUNTEERING. When you sign-up in IPORESP, you are helping create an AIPO that has the following characteristics. (1) MEMBERSHIP FEE IS ZERO, NO MONTHLY DUES, NO ANNUAL DUES. (2) WITH THE USE OF VIDEOSEMINARS, CPE AND SALESPERSON TRAINING BECOME 90% CHEAPER AND QUALITY IMPROVES TO WORLDCLASS STANDARD. (3) AGENT-FRIENDLY POLICIES, GENUINE INTEGRATION, OFFICERSHIP IS OPEN TO ALL VOLUNTEERS, NO NEED TO HAVE BACKERS. (4) SOLID PROGRAMS TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD UNDER THE BANNER OF FULL IMPLEMENTATION OF RA 9646. xxxxx TOILET BOWL Like a toilet bowl with water, I can probably use the water to clean my face in the same way as I have given maximum tolerance to APO FRESA. Pero etong APO PHILRES, medyo mahirap, it's too dirty to touch, parang toilet bown na merong nakalutang na pinaghalong ebak ni ONG at SEVILLA.

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